This is how you get all free mounts

In the Lost Ark there are many boats that carry you back across Arkesia. Horses, beetles, dinosaurs, clouds – there is a little of everything. We at MeinMMO will show you what makeup you can get for free.

Nobody should ride their rookie horse at the Lost Ark. After only several levels, the game offers you additional escalation without investing any real money.

To open the mount directory, press Alt + V. By right-clicking, you can then select the received carrier. Alternatively, you can drag it directly to the Quick Bar and mount it using the corresponding hotkey.

All free pregnant women


Chamkuri, a type of chick.

The Chamkuri is a chick and is slightly reminiscent of Chocobos from Final Fantasy. You can get to the mountain by completing the mission in Rohendel, relatively early. So, you are likely to come across this loading quite often.

Poria Renner

Dark mountain with luxurious armor.

The Borea Racer reminds us of the Starter Horse, but with armor. This makes her look more adventurous.

You can get to the mountain by completing the Adventure Book in East Luterra by 40%. You can read more about the adventure book in our guide.


Resting Terpeion

Terpeion is a type of Pegasus. You can perform three different emotes with him: victory center, rest, and back kick.

All players who played at the time the Western EU servers started to receive the installation. When the gift is opened, there is a checkbox with Terpeion inside.


A wolf with frosty white fur.

In addition to various horses and chicks, you can also ride on wolves. The Frostwolf has spotless fur and stares perilously at his surroundings with open jaws.

You get Frostwolf by completing the main quests in Shushire.


Alderiwolf is basically the dark version of a frost wolf, and it doesn’t look any different except for the color.

You get to the mountain when you reach a high rank in the relationship with NPC Poppy, a white wolf in Shushire.

red wolf

The third and final wolf has a red mane and is clearly striking.

You can bring down the Red Mane Wolf. You get it randomly in Chaos Dungeon, item level is unimportant.


The ladybug comes in red, blue and yellow.

Everything is small in Mokoko Village and your average horse won’t shrink with you when you enter the village. So at first you are on foot, but after several questions you will get a beetle to ride.

Elsewhere, it’s too big for a small bug to handle, so you can only use it when you’re in Mokoko Village.

wild birds

You can get hold of the cute dinosaur, which looks a bit like a T-Rex, relatively easily. You’ve reached the end of the game, so in Nord-Vern, you only need to raise the adventure level to 30%. Completing the story will get you at least 10% of it.

Algae turtle

Faster than it looks!

You can even ride a turtle. To get the Moss Turtle, you must sail to Turtle Island. If you have completed the quest line there, you will receive an item that you can exchange at the luxury goods merchant in Fern. This gives you a tortoise.

flying nimbus

Lost Ark of Mount Nimbus
One of the coolest mounts in Lost Ark: The Cloud

You can also “ride” on the cloud, that is, fly around it. For this you have to go to the island of Shangra, which appears only at certain times.

There the dew of Shangra flowers are grown among other things. You have to exchange 7500 of them with NPC on the island to get the flying aura. Be patient, this will take some time.


Flying board with a cute face.

This stand is also a gift from Amazon and Smilegate. After a long maintenance, all players found several selection chests in their inventory. Among them was the flying Mokoboard of various colors.

white scarab

You can get the White Scarab in exchange for the Ignea code. You get this when you reach 100% of any continent in the Adventure folder. It takes some time, but it’s worth it.

Which of the free combinations have you already planted? Do you have a favorite carrier – if so, which one? Or do you think swatches from a real money store are cooler? Write it down for us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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