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Written by Andreas Zimmermann.

According to their own data in the consent study, injecting modRNA does not reduce, but rather increases the likelihood of children becoming seriously ill with Covid-19. So you make the kids sick. However, it is now approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

“It’s Always Worse” is the German title of Lawrence J. Peter, in which the author describes the effect that people in hierarchical structures often rise to the level of their own incompetence. “It can always get worse” is also an apt description of the (non-)scientific quality of registration studies of BioNTech/Pfizer’s modRNA broth, which were incorrectly called “Covid-19 vaccines.”

Would the publication of the original data for the first such study still have to be sued in US courts in order to establish, for example, that many of the study participants died of AEs (“adverse events”) [unerwünschte Ereignisse/Zwischenfälle], and not “adverse effects”, as I erroneously wrote in my last article) were excluded from the study, as indicated if a total of three doses (!) were approved for children aged 6 months to 5 years. The USA obtained the data officially published on the website of the US Food and Drug Administration that “vaccination” in this age group, as well as in all other age groups, causes significant harm without any benefit.

However, the effectiveness of “vaccination” is claimed to be 80 percent. I must admit, had it not been for the lives and health of countless children threatened with an extremely harmful injection due to these brazenly manipulated results, the trick that BioNTech/Pfizer is working in tandem with the FDA is somehow almost once again impressive.

To what extent are the results manipulated? The action is actually as daring as it is clumsy. The study included 3,013 modem RNA recipients (which parents volunteered for their children in such a study?) and 1,513 placebo recipients. A total of 375 “lab-confirmed cases of Covid-19” occurred in the study, as evidenced by Tables 19 and 20 in the documents. Presumably the children counted had any one of a long list of more or less random symptoms, plus a positive PCR test having the same value as a coin toss.

But well, these are the official statements that you must apply for approval. To calculate the ‘vaccination efficacy’, only 10 (with ‘ten’ words) of 375 ‘Covid-19 cases’ (2.67 percent of all cases) were used, that is, the 10 cases that were at least 7 days after the third dose occurred. By the way, for all doctors, here too, as in all consent studies, the efficiency of vaccination is calculated using “laboratory confirmed cases”. This means that it is officially about preventing “infection”, not “acute courses”, as is often claimed.

If one used the full data set of 150 ‘cases’ in 1,513 participants from the placebo group and 225 ‘cases’ in 3,013 modRNA participants in terms of ‘infection’, one would not get to 80 percent, but only approximately 25 percent “Efficiency of vaccination,” that is, the probability of “infection” reduced by only 25 percent. A value well below the normal 50 percent approval limit for immunization.

However, this is still better than efficiency against the severe “Covid-19 cycle”. This can also be calculated from the data and results from a total of two acute cycles in the placebo group and six in the modRNA group. This results in an impressive “vaccination efficacy” against severe cycles minus 50 percent – plenty for “preventing severe cycles”.

These injections are not prevented by modRNA injections, but are approximately 1.5 times more likely to be in the ‘vaccination group’ as in the placebo group. In other words, injecting modRNA does not actually reduce, but rather increases the likelihood of children becoming seriously ill with the Covid-19 virus. So you make the kids sick. And that’s before we consider the common and dangerous side effects of modern RNA injections.

Incidentally, Professor Martin Neal of Queen Mary University came to a very similar conclusion, which only for the age group of 2 to less than 5 years with the help of Bayesian arithmetic has an efficiency of 177 percent to prevent serious illness Come. And he found very clear words, which follow from this, which I would like to reproduce in the original: “Conclusion: the treatment causes severe illness in children. I must add these statistics apply to the 2-4 age group. Some might argue that the study is too weak to reach To emphatic conclusions about efficacy or safety. They are deceived. Others might argue that the evidence is good enough to agree. They are evil.” (“Conclusion: The treatment causes serious illness in children. I should add that these statistics are specific to the 2-4 age group. Some may argue that the study is unable to draw firm conclusions about efficacy or safety. They are deceived. Others may argue that the evidence is good enough. To confess. She is evil”).

And in doing so, he expresses what has rarely been said with such clarity by critics of modRNA injection. Allowing, executing, or even enforcing these substances into children (or any other age group) is not merely greedy, delusional, corrupt or power-hungry. It is what our modern society likes to deny its existence: it is evil.

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