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Also in Instead of Love, the seventh in the Gustav Knudsen series of books, the protagonist Gustav lets us share in his life.

Once again, the reader realizes very clearly that it is normal life that writes the most beautiful stories.

Life writes the best stories

The author brilliantly manages to act as a life observer and accompany his main hero in situations that the recipient can easily identify based on his own experiences.

Despite one or two minor problems in the daily life of Gustav and his girlfriend Wilma, the story sparkles with the joy of life, deep love, and intense eroticism.

There were husbands who lived in the 80s, just as they are today, but the author has magically managed to amaze his readers with this story and create a very individual recipe for success for this book series.


More than just a love story.

If Gustav’s story initially gave you the impression of an ordinary romance between two young men, each scene magically charms you in its own style.

Immerse yourself in his world with Gustav, full of colour, vibrant life and deep love.

Like salt in soup

Sexual arousal is hidden between the lines that leads to a tingling that you can’t resist. Great feelings take you to a dimension full of warmth and happiness.

A little like free fall

With Gustav’s story, you share the overall package of normalcy along with the inspiring message of enjoying life to the fullest.

At the same time you experience how the melody of life plays a hymn of longing against the loss of dreams and passion.

Read a perfect dream – allow yourself to be intoxicated by nostalgic memories.

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instead of love
instead of love

Gustav Knudsen
paperback | 388 pages | 14.95 EUR

ISBN: 9783756216239

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Gustav Knudsen
Gustav Knudsen

author Gustav Knudsen He discovered at an early age that he loved to write. Capture what you have experienced and interpret it from your point of view.

After a few professional trips, he found his true passion for writing. He has now been working as an editor, photographer, graphic designer, and online copywriter for nearly 20 years.

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