Dear Urnäscher. Here are five things the pros will envy you.

Big movie theater! Professionals celebrate with amateurs

On the field, the residents of St. Gallen showed no mercy with Urnäscher. After the match we celebrate together. Nice pictures at the end of the scoring match.


0:25 against St. Gallen! FC Urnäsch is ruthlessly put into a meat grinder by Espen. Who cares, tomorrow there will definitely be another boar being pushed through the village in your village.

Yet it broke our hearts when I saw you come down like this. But remember, there are a lot of things you can do better than ruthless butchers. any examples?

In the match against St. Gallen, you combined your forces to build an amphitheater off the ground, so that more than 2,000 spectators found space at Feld Sports Arena. The one thing FCSG professionals have put together in their lives? Maybe the Playstation you ordered online…

Of course there is still room for improvement, but next time you will have to collaborate with a strong financial sponsor from Qatar. As is known, the stadiums in the host country of the World Cup are artificially cooled – this really will not be wrong with temperatures above 30 degrees.

When the FCSG team sent you two gardeners in March to check the quality of their lawn, I was amazed. How many jobs are there in the big world?! If your lawn mower gives up the ghost, let some goats graze in the field. And in any case, do not bother if the surface is bumpy, this is the amateur football player’s favorite excuse for unsuccessful actions. And if you don’t have to play on the Wembley carpet, you are sure to face Spain until the last minute.

Interviews with football players are often so banal that the listener almost falls asleep. As if the players had a button in their ear and would replay what the marketing department whispered in their ear. With you, on the other hand, it just flows out of the filter. Getting to know you is not difficult at all for most of you. In short: There is a lot of “Tony Kroos” in your DNA. This is good.

The art of indulging in beautiful things

Of course, as a footballer, you are living the dream of many. It’s a great job, and if you are on vacation, you can take a limousine to the private plane, which will then take you to the most beautiful places in the world. The problem with this: As a soccer player, you rarely get a vacation. But anyway: you who live in Aurnach, you don’t even have to travel. You already live in heaven and everything that makes you really happy in life you have in the fridge or behind the bar counter. That’s why you don’t need a Ferrari at all, even the furthest corner of your village can be reached amazingly in a few minutes.

You have no worries about the future

Of course, the football dream life described above has nothing to do with reality anyway. Paul Pogba, who would never tie his shoes for 350 thousand francs a month, lives in a bubble, “inhabited” by a rare species worthy of a really stupid and wonderful. However, in Switzerland, there are very, very few footballers who have a golden nose and many young players are making a living. For the majority of professionals, between the ages of 30 and 40, it is a matter of reorienting themselves and gaining a foothold in the professional world. You are not envious.

On the other hand, you have both feet on the floor, you go about your jobs and meet up for a cozy kick after work, and you tell funny tales to each other from past training camps or from your everyday life. If someone is in trouble, you help them. But as a former professional soccer player, you are on your own from time to time. Your fans don’t clap for you anymore and you neglected your environment for years because you had to cancel every party because of your career until you weren’t invited anymore.

The cues from the story: No matter how bad you lost, at the end of the day you can still feel like winning.

Here are your big moments

Escher nibbles two St. Gallarians at the same time

Without a doubt, we at FC Urnäsch want to see more dribbles like this one.


Manuel Aman miraculously saves Duaa’s penalty

Then Ornach’s goalkeeper smelled of barbecue. Like Stéphane Chapuisat, Kwadwo Duah can’t find a way past Oman from the point. Once a penalty killer, always a penalty killer!


Captain Urnäsch forces the FCSG goalkeeper to do a great job


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