Repel spiders: Which home remedies help – and which do not?

Author: Lino Wiraj | Category: Construction and Living | 06/19/2022

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Some people are afraid of spiders. Most animals find it at least uncomfortable. If you want to prevent spiders from nesting on you, we have some effective tips.

Faye, spider! Hardly anyone likes reptiles, although they can be found in almost every home. Spiders especially like to stay in the bathroom and living room, where they find pleasant temperatures and good hiding places.

Of course, there is no reason to be afraid of spiders: all kinds of spiders indigenous to this country are harmless. That is why spiders (which, by the way, are not insects) are not considered pests, but help keep insects away from apartments and houses.

Spiders get away with simple methods

Of course, even the best information doesn’t change the fact that some people really panic when a spider crosses their path. Others don’t find spiders scary, but find them annoying and try to get rid of an unwanted crawl visit as soon as possible.

The good news: Even relatively simple methods ensure that you can be fairly safe from encounters with spiders in the future. This is the most effective way to get rid of spiders.

Don’t even let spiders in the house

The easiest way, of course, is to make sure you keep away spiders and annoying little animals You can’t even enter the apartment or the house. This can be prevented by simple means.

An insect screen is a good investment: it keeps spiders and the like from entering the house in the first place.

An insect screen is a good investment: it keeps spiders and the like from entering the house in the first place. (Photo: Shutterstock/Kwangmoozaa)

Tip 1: The more unprotected (outdoor) doors and windows are left open, the easier it will be for pets to enter your home – spiders included. So the assembly Fly or insect barriers in front of windows. Networks are available, for example, in hardware stores. These also keep wasps, flies and other troublemakers out.

Tip 2: check whether Close the exterior and basement doors tightly all around. Spiders also find their way through small cracks, crevices, and crevices – especially in the fall when some species can get very wet and very cold outdoors. Therefore, close the doors as much as possible to keep spiders away (as well as ants, beetles, etc.). A simple person can do this Project excluded Provide good service. Always help self adhesive rubber seals, Which you can find in different strengths of (online) commerce.

And as a bonus: Airtight doors and windows also help prevent drafts and heat loss in the cold season – so the investment can also be financially beneficial.

Tip 3: If you leave a small pile of wood, a pile of stones or a few faded perennials in the garden, you can easily create a habitat for spiders and thus organize the insect fauna in a natural way, explains the Nature Conservation Union in Lower Saxony (NABU).

The opposite also applies: If you have a pile of wood, stones, or a compost pile near your four walls (or even on the wall of the house), spiders will visit you more quickly.

So move feeding places like stacked wood that attract spiders away from home, For example in the shed. So you can be sure that fewer creepy crawlies will find their way to you.

Spiders love messy things

Tip 4: Trivial but useful: Keep the apartment clean and tidy. Because: spiders – and all other animals too – especially feel at home where there is a good supply of food. As for spiders, these spiders consist mainly of flies, mosquitoes, and sometimes smaller competitors. They also need some moisture.

But if you clean up regularly, don’t let organic droppings age, combat mosquito fungus and get rid of fruit flies quickly, you’re not giving spiders many reasons to settle down permanently.

Expel spiders: Anyone who quickly removes spider webs deprives reptiles of their food base.

Expel spiders: Anyone who quickly removes spider webs deprives reptiles of their food base. (Photo: Shutterstock/Yevhen Prozhyrko)

Also, while cleaning, remove any spider webs you find. This way you destroy the spider’s shelter and signal to the animal that it is not welcome. But try not to kill the (helpful) animals.

Repel spiders: These smells help – no

If you search online for ways to repel spiders, you will be bombarded with information that spiders and other crawling animals can be repelled by scented sprays or similar olfactory barriers. Lavender, mint or eucalyptus are said to help get rid of unwanted eight-legged friends. Unfortunately there is Little evidence of that That spiders really react to corresponding smells.

Most telling is the 2018 study that looked at lemon and peppermint oils, as well as chestnut, as repellents for three types of spiders. It turns out that two kinds of spider chestnut and mint oil In fact her reaction was “allergic”, while the third type was affected only slightly. lemon oil No effect was shown.

Does lavender help? Unknown

In addition, there are only studies that mites and ticks done. Both also belong to the class of spiders and are therefore related to web spiders that cause discomfort in our homes.

Several studies from 2017 showed that thyme oil It works against mites and ticks. Similar results were found for sandalwood oil And the Clove oil. However, whether the results can be transferred to web spiders is not known.

to me Lavender oil The (home) remedy often indicated for repelling spiders – there is There are no meaningful studieswhich proves that it works against unwanted roommates.

Repel spiders: what else you can try

Tip 5: In addition to Peppermint oil If the most logical directories are still available, you can, for example:

  • Special Mint scented spray (just mix water with purchased oil in a suitable container),
  • Peppermint oil in one go aroma diffuser or one perfume bowl This gives the smell pervasive in the room,
  • the interview scented candle Accommodation
  • or a (fragrant) pillow Spray peppermint oil to keep spiders away.

Banishing spiders: what we recommend

(Anti-) Tip 6: Special devices can be found on the market that are connected to the socket and are intended to work against a variety of reptiles with the help of ultrasound, for example. Unfortunately, manufacturers are often unable to provide any evidence that the promised effect has actually occurred. Some devices also work with toxins that pose unknown risks. We say: Save your money.

Read also on the topic: Mosquito plugs: What are the benefits of existing ultrasonic alarms, vaporizers and traps?

(Anti-) Tip 7: also from We advise not to use chemicals. Insect sprays or similar biocidal products are always effective against fearsome reptiles and other creatures we consider beneficial. Insecticides from the pyrethroid group can cause fatal poisoning of cats.

Some chemicals can Humans are also burdened or deposited in the environment, The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) also warns. A number of products have also failed the current (June 2022) moth control test.


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