Straelenerin is full time and self employed in family support

An interview with Anne Catherine Lilit Widomsky
“Children’s needs are always the same”

Anne-Kathrin Lekeit-Fidomski from Broekhuysen has a lot to do with families both in her main job and in her independent work.

Mrs. Leleit-Fidomski, you have been working full time in a mother and child home in Gildern since March. What are your responsibilities there?

Anne Catherine Lakette Widomsky I accompany young mothers and their children on their way to independence. All customers have individual and special needs. First of all, we guarantee the child’s well-being. Having a baby changes the lives of these mothers drastically, so they need support in dealing with their children and in everyday life. Something like this could start with setting up a daily structure and work all the way down to joint purchases in order to develop a sense of money. Our work focuses on the relationship between mother and child. When does my child need food? When should I shower? Where does my baby sleep and what should I wear? We are in close contact. Our workplace is your home. This is exciting because we can experience beautiful moments and we also have to deal with conflict situations.

    In the future, the family assistant would like to be there for the (waiting) parents from the start.

In the future, the family assistant would like to be there for the (waiting) parents from the start.
Photo: Evers, Gottfried (Eve)

What training did you do for this?

Lilit Widomsky I am a qualified childhood educator. After my studies, I did further training as a sleep consultant for babies and young children. I also recently completed a Nursing Assistant course. Each of these three areas is incredibly useful when working with parents and their children.

What made you choose this profession?

Lilit Widomsky I’ve always wanted to work with people. Working with parents is my absolute passion. Seeing how they develop and position themselves more strongly for the relationship with their child impresses me immensely. Especially with this target group, I’ve noticed that the topics are always the same. For this reason, I decided to specialize more and also work outside of my main job.

You are self-employed as a sleep and family consultant. What issues and problems do you address?

Lilit Widomsky In both areas, the main thing for me when working together is to look together: “What does your child need and what do you need?” My theoretical knowledge of ECD provides an understanding of why our children are who they are and why it is important to listen and be guided in the best possible way. In sleep counseling, questions such as: Why does my child wake up at night? How much food does it take? How long should my baby sleep during the day? when the children go to sleep? The spectrum goes much further. Here we look at the current situation and discuss the long-term goal. There’s a good reason babies don’t sleep through the night, for example. Something like this cannot be “learned”. Sleep counseling helps parents become more clear about their child’s development and make small changes that make everyone involved feel comfortable. Sleep is supposed to be a beautiful thing, and unaccompanied tears are inappropriate. In addition, parents contact me if they have difficulties dealing with the stage of autonomy. Children now feel their emotions more intensely and want to be more independent and self-reliant. This is a huge challenge for many parents in a daily life full of appointments and errands. It is often difficult for parents to find their own parenting style and accompany their children through this anger, sadness, and frustration. Security and clarity are important to them, and at the same time they want to educate with love and appreciation.

Is there a shift in focus?

Lilit Widomsky I wouldn’t say like that. Children’s needs have always been the same. But in my eyes, the way we look at our children is starting to change. Many fathers are moving away from previous parenting styles and want to get out of this family power relationship. No matter where we develop, if we start trying to understand our children, we can learn to deal with them. We connect with them, and make them feel as good as they are. With all the positive and negative feelings. Boundaries are used for direction and structure, not for punishment.

Do you have any other career plans?

Lilit Widomsky I feel very comfortable and settled in my main job. In my self-employment, I will be expanding my offer over the long term. In cooperation with various institutions, I would like to support the (waiting) parents from the very beginning. In addition, I would like to have access to more specialized staff in the future. Topics such as sleep, breastfeeding and early childhood development still need a lot of clarification so that children can be accompanied naturally.

How do you find relaxation in your spare time?

Lilit Widomsky I really should think about it for a moment. I try all kinds of creative things to unwind and love to read books. I really enjoy going out with my family.

What do you like about Straelen and Broekhuysen?

Lilit Widomsky As a kid in the city, I loved the calm and rustic atmosphere. Life in Broekhuysen is incredibly familiar. What could be more beautiful than opening the front door, smelling the countryside air and surrendering to nature?

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