Aue-Wingeshausen: Children paint the playground of their dreams

First class boys and girls want a fast sled run or crazy maze. But the results were also surprising in other ways.

A fast-paced bobsleigh race like the famous “Fichtenflitzer” in Panorama Park, an adventurous water ride, a huge whirlpool and a crazy maze, but also a big trampoline or a real table tennis – all available for first graders, elementary school Aue -Wingeshausen, is at the top of my list Wishes for the playground of their dreams. And what this could look like is what children in art class draw today. Very interesting and useful results of the pitch examination appeared in our newspaper.

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“Remember: You can also dream a little,” teacher Nina Burdick encourages each child in the class to use lots of imagination. Several boys and girls paint the playground of their dreams together, some alone. But all with a lot of creativity.

Two sandboxes on display

Anton definitely wants a river for his stadium. In the new Erndtebrücker Ederauenpark there is that, he’s excited. Tom wants a really steep slide, Emily a zip-line and Jean Ole a waterslide – with a pool. It goes without saying that classics like the sandpit, climbing frame, swing, carousel or swing are also part of it. But above all, a stadium like this should be something special.

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Adela and Hans have two sandboxes to display in their painted playground—”because there’s always a lot of kids outside,” Hans explains. Parents can watch their children play from the bench.

The teacher brings really great examples

“We don’t know how to draw things,” Anton and his colleague are still somewhat unsure at the beginning of the drawing activity. But the teacher today brought a lot of real examples, but above all really great on the playing field on the big pictures. Looking at it, Anton also finds good suggestions.

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Emilie and Chiara equipped their stadium with a large cable car and a climbing castle, but also a spinning climbing net. Nice. The two also depicted a baby climber and a mother watching the hustle and bustle of the playground in their lively portrait.

Insider tip Tom

Leonardo and Malt have the classics in their image, but also a great knight’s castle. Teacher Nina Burdick is surprised. “Have you been to Arfield before?” I asked the two students. Because the new active playground right there in the community center “Via Adrina” is simply wonderful. “There are boxes with toys you can take out” — molds for the sandpit as well as table tennis balls or rackets, she said. Kids can also crawl through the tunnels, frolic in the sand on a toy train, and play with water from the nearby Arfe. By the way, the usual playground equipment is there.

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Tom is excited about a playground in Wingeshausen that has a zip line and a great climbing tire. He often goes there when he is with his grandmother. This is still real insider advice, he says.

Colorful, not boring

Meanwhile, Laura has finished painting her playground. What’s striking here is that their play equipment is not just grey, but a variegated color. So just don’t get bored.

Before that, in a physical education class, the children had already practiced “pitch gymnastics” outside on the large playground equipment on the playground of the Aue-Wingeshausen Primary School, as their teacher Nina Bauerdick calls it. So you know what a swing, a climbing frame, and the like looks like.

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By the way, Powerdick’s four-year-old son could imagine a giant knight’s castle on a playground, she says — with a springboard into space. Or at least with a thick airbag to walk around like an emergency firefighter. That would be a thing!

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