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– Yay, the baby is finally born! The joy is great and of course you want to congratulate the new family. What is the best way to do this?

The little man changed the whole world from day to day. Since then, the baby keeps both parents on their toes. A funny or beautiful saying with birthday wishes for friends or acquaintances that you should not miss to put a smile on or touch the faces of tired parents.

Sayings about birth: congratulations on birth

Finding the right words is not always easy. So there are more beautiful ones here Personal congratulations on the birth. A loving quote is always appropriate and it is guaranteed that parents will be delighted with the attention.

“The wonder of life is reflected in the eyes of a newborn.”

“A child makes home happier, everyday life more exciting, love stronger, nights shorter and days longer.”

“You still seem so lost, delicate and petty. And yet – since you were born, the sun has shone in the depths of our hearts.”

“A child is a gift from heaven: the sun’s rays are still on his face, the stars in his eyes, and the smile of the moon on his lips.”

“A child makes love stronger, nights shorter, wallets smaller, homes happier, pasts pale, hearts larger.”

“Four feet, great and small, have walked alone for a long time, and now two little feet are walking with us at every turn.”

“It’s big and bold on the calendar, and you can see it at a glance. An important day with a big celebration, which you can celebrate mightily. Congratulations on your birth!”

“When dreams come true and wishes come to life, one can probably speak of a miracle.”

Short congratulations on the birth

The birth of a child is a wonderful and unique moment. To be able to share the joy with parents, there is also a cute short Congratulations on the birth. So if you want to express your congratulations succinctly and succinctly, you will find some sayings to choose from.

A child is visible love.

“When love becomes life, happiness is called.”

– “Children are human wings.”

“Children should get two things from their parents: roots and wings.”

“Great happiness is sometimes very small.”

– “What a wonderful mystery is the entry of a new human into the world.”

– “What a child’s soul promised at every look! A perfect spring is not rich in hope.”

Congratulations on the birth: a boy

Hooray, it’s a boy! Best congratulations on the birth of a boy:

– “Even if your child often screams at the top of his voice, the dream for grandmother and grandfather has come true.”

– “There are now three of you with your son, we send you good luck and health.”

“The greatest gift you can give your son is a happy childhood.”

– “We give 1000 congratulations on the birth of your son and we wish you and your little family all the best.”

– “Little boy, what a wonderful – I am very happy with the parents.”

– “We wish your descendants all the best, a lot of joy and health. We wish you strength, endurance and patience. Together you will remove all obstacles from the way.”

– “Congratulations on the birth of your heir.”

– “Best wishes for your little one! He’s finally born, and we’re glad to hear that.”

– “Little feet are still small, but that won’t always be the case. Congratulations on your son.”

– “Hooray, hooray, the little prince is here! Best wishes for your son’s birthday.”

– “A little angel now enriches your life. Even if B gets cheated sometimes, making him a rascal, you must never forget: Children are the wings of man.”

Congratulations on the birth: a girl

Hooray it’s a girl! With such congratulations you can warmly welcome a little girl into this world.

– “The greatest gift a parent can give their daughter is their happy childhood.”

– “The sky is shining, it’s joy. Now you have your little sun.”

– “Your daughter is really cool – we are so happy for you.”

– “You had three wishes: 1. Something beautiful. 2. Something exciting. 3. Something to play with. What did you get? Little daughter. This is the sweetest surprise we can think of.”

– “Congratulations to the daughter! What a darling! And this sentence is certainly true: the daughter, graceful, beautiful, is always the sunshine in the house!”

– “Little daughter – how happy I am with this! That’s why I congratulate you both so affectionately today. You are indeed envious!”

– “Hurrah, hi, little princess is here! Congratulations on the arrival of your little ones and we wish your family all the love and happiness!”

– “Best wishes on the birth of your daughter! The little mouse will surely give you many moments of happiness.”

Best wishes to all of you on the birth of your daughter.

– “When it comes to height, your daughter is still pretty small. When it comes to your happiness, this couldn’t be bigger.”

Everyone in this house is happy with the sweet mouse. We fell in love with her instantly. We are glad to have them. I welcome you, wonderful child, to this world where your new life begins.”

Congratulations on the birth that wasn’t cheesy

Of course, you want to congratulate on a birth that is not cheese and congratulate me at all. These sayings are sure to make new parents laugh.

“Sometimes it is the smallest things that occupy the most space in the heart.”

– “There are no words for this great happiness. Enjoy the first days together.”

– “Without saying a word, the child fills all life.”

How do you get congratulations?

There are many ways to express congratulations. Of course you can congratulate them in person, write a card, a letter or write a nice WhatsApp message. This always depends on the relationship with the parents. If a brother becomes a father, then congratulations should be different from congratulations with an unknown neighbor.

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WhatsApp congratulations on the birth

WhatsApp sayings are basically no different from other congratulations in the form of a handwritten letter or card. You can also write beautiful and personal sayings here. If you want, you can add some smileys. Finally, WhatsApp has many emojis like kids, family, shamrocks, hearts, and much more.

Examples of beautiful WhatsApp congratulations are:

“The most beautiful thing in the world is free, but it is priceless. Nice to have you here!”

“A child is what makes a home happier, stronger love, more patience, shorter nights, longer days, and a brighter future.”

“Children are not only the hope of tomorrow 📆, but they are also the joy of today.”

“Through a child, daily life becomes adventure 🐉, sand, castle, color, image, pond, ocean, plans, surprise, and habit becomes life!”

“All the sudden everyday life is doing somersaults, hearts beat faster, little things become meaningful and a smile means the world 🌎”

“Diaper alarm 🤱 instead of a weekend 👯‍♀🎉, find a pacifier instead of shopping fun 🛍 – you wouldn’t want it any other way. Have fun with your offspring!”

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