Depression and anxiety disorders in children: help in Segeberg County

Segeberg County. Stress to perform at school, stress in the family, two years of corona restrictions – children and young adults are mentally stressed. Not only because of the pandemic, a significant increase in inpatient treatment is necessary for schoolchildren due to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. At the same time, sufferers often wait months for a place in treatment. Segeberg County has a number of offers of help for children, youth, and families to strengthen their mental health, which, however, is hardly known or not used out of shame.

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Dr. says. Silvia Hekimpour-Zern, Head of the Specialized Service “Social Psychiatry and Health Promotion” in Siegberg County. Inpatient treatment of schoolchildren aged 10-14 rose sharply for depression (+27 percent), anxiety (+25 percent) and eating disorders (+21 percent), Hekimpour-Zern quotes Child 2022 results and a youth report from DAK.

Sharp rise in mental illness among teens

Among young people aged 15-17, hospital stays for emotional distress increased by 42 percent and drug use by 39 percent. Data from 2020 to 2021 was compared.

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“We don’t want to leave children alone with their problems,” emphasizes Hekimpour-Zern. “Life is getting more complex and faster,” adds Bianca Woolmer, Head of the Youth Welfare Office. Stress factors can be diverse: problems at school, performance pressures, arguments within the family, illness of parents, isolation during an epidemic.

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Segeberg County has a health promotion network, youth welfare office, youth welfare agencies, counseling centers and self-help groups. However, there are a number of biases and misunderstandings standing in the way of help. Mental illness is still a taboo.

Stress: offers of assistance in the Segeberg district

Mental illnesses are “such as tooth decay or appendicitis,” explains Hekimpour-Zern. Up to every second suffers from mental illness at some point in his life. Instead of ignoring problems, it is better to get help early. However, sufferers often feel that the problem is “not bad enough,” says Woolmer.

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Help with psychological problems in Segeberg

Help in cases of mental crises They are offered by the Youth Welfare Offices of the Segeberg district. The Youth Welfare Office in Bad Segeberg can be reached at 04551/9519600.

The number of the Youth Welfare Office in Norderstedt is 040/53595401.

It’s anonymous and free Number for sadness: 116117 (Monday to Saturday from 2 pm to 8 pm).

It is available day and night Telephone consultation at 0800/1110111 or 116123

In addition, there is still a prejudice that the Youth Welfare Office is taking children away. “We’re close to families,” Woolmer asserts. who – which Youth Welfare Office They can offer a variety of assistance – from counseling to family assistance, tailored to the affected family.

In addition, children have a right to counseling, and they can also seek help themselves — without the Youth Welfare Office having to inform the parents afterward, Woolmer asserts.

Find the right counseling and self-help group

also in Child Protection Association There are people to call families and children, Managing Director Sylvia Neath confirms. During the counseling, she noticed increasing problems with media consumption and other addictions. The Center for Specialized Counseling in Cases of Sexual Violence is also part of the Child Protection Association. If you can’t help fixing a problem, you will be referred to the right place.

“People often don’t know where to go,” says Sabine Everett Klink from the US Call and Information Center (KIS). There are approximately 100 self-help groups in the area, 40 of them in the psychosocial field. Like KIS, all network partners see themselves as pilots. “You can’t go to the wrong place,” says Hekimpour Zern.

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The district also goes to schools with various projects to educate children and young people about mental illness and its prevention. Families should be strengthened.

Reducing long waiting times to get a place for treatment

There are limits to what partners can do: “We don’t provide treatment and we don’t give medicine,” says Hekimpour-Zern. But many people are waiting for treatment places, including children and young adults. “This is a sore point. We need more inpatient beds and outpatient places,” says Hekimpour-Zern. She maintains that the state repeatedly draws attention.

Woolmer agrees, saying, “You can’t wait six months for a place.” “But there are also no child and youth psychologists.” A similar position in the region has been vacant for a year and a half. Counseling and self-help offers can help affected people skip waiting times.

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