AWA 2022: EDEKA Media GmbH once again reaches a three-time winner

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AWA 2022: EDEKA Media GmbH once again reaches a three-time winner

  • No. 1 again this year: EDEKA MIT LIEBE customer magazine with 3.54 million readers again Germany’s largest food magazine
  • Youngsters pursued: EDEKA children’s magazine YUMMI with 852 thousand readers, winner in the category “Youth magazines”
  • Continuing the Path to Success: Netto customer Gold magazine increases reach to 624,000 readers in its third year of AWA, and as a customer magazine, once again becomes the “Women’s Monthly” reach winner

Customer magazine EDEKA MIT LIEBE remains the food magazine with the widest coverage in Germany for the fifth year in a row. This is shown by the figures published today by the Allensbacher Markt- und Werbeträgeranalyse (AWA). It has a readership of 3.54 million readers, and it still ranks first in the “foodstuff” category. EDEKA children’s magazine YUMMI takes first place in the AWA rankings for 2022: with 852,000 readers, the magazine takes first place among youth magazines. For the third time, Netto Marken-Discount Gold customer magazine appears in the AWA ranking and remains in the top 10 monthly women’s magazines with 624,000 readers. Among these, it can assert itself as the client magazine with the widest reach.

EDEKA customer magazine with love

MIT LIEBE’s success is also reflected in its high print run. Currently, 1,643,688 copies (IVW 1/2022) are produced per edition. MIT LIEBE has been published bimonthly by EDEKA Media GmbH since 2007 and inspires topics from the food, pharmacy and lifestyle industries. Between inspiring recipes, interesting product customers, and the latest beauty trends, MIT LIEBE readers will find a wide range of articles about their homes and sustainability. “Receiving such a positive response makes us happy and motivates us to further develop MIT LIEBE both visually and in terms of content. We really appreciate the trust and interest of our readers,” says Rolf Lange, Managing Director of EDEKA Media GmbH.

Children’s magazine EDEKA YUMMI

YUMMI, EDEKA’s client magazine for young families with children aged seven to twelve, has been on the market since 2016 and has been represented at AWA for the fourth time. Compared to the previous year, YUMMI was able to increase its reach again and now has reached 7.85 percent more readers than the previous year. That’s about 62,000 additional enthusiastic readers. The number of hard copies also increased to 48,6850 copies (IVW 1/2022). Like MIT LIEBE, YUMMI is also published six times a year and inspires its target group of young adults with delicious recipes, various ideas for more exercises and tips for a more sustainable everyday life. Like MIT LIEBE, the children’s magazine is freely available to customers at all participating EDEKA stores.

NETO Gold Customer Magazine

Netto-Magazine Gold is part of the AWA for the third time. And it was able to expand its reach again this year – to a total of 624,000 readers. In the “Women’s Monthly” category, it once again asserted itself as the most popular client magazine. The gold is published monthly with a circulation of 192,999 copies (IVW 1/2022) and is available at more than 4,280 Netto branches across the country at a price of €0.66. The magazine is produced and distributed by EDEKA Media GmbH. Gold delights readers with its mix of modern lifestyle themes and inspiring foods that have been popular since 2013. Plus, readers can look forward to exciting reports on family, partnership, and friendship on each issue; The latest fashion trends. The most beautiful views of beauty and elegant decoration ideas for home and garden. There are also delicious recipes, interesting product customers and the latest food news. 20 exclusive discount vouchers offering net customers additional added value. It can be redeemed at Netto branches and in the Netto online store during the campaign period. The Allensbach Market and Advertising Media Analysis (AWA for short) is one of the leading market media studies in Germany and identifies the attitudes, consumption habits and media usage of the population in Germany on a broad statistical basis.

EDEKA Media GmbH

EDEKA Media GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, is of central importance for network-level communications. Their portfolio ranges from useful information for EDEKA retailers to classic consumer media and cookbooks to podcasts. EDEKA Media GmbH also sells services in the areas of influencer relations, product public relations and graphics. The publishing program includes EDEKA handelsrundschau, the trade magazine for EDEKA decision-makers for retail and wholesale, MIT LIEBE customer magazine for targeted and lasting customer loyalty, YUMMI children’s magazine for tomorrow’s young and old customers, das Baby BABYLIEBE magazine, EDEKA calendar, Netto Marken-Discount Gold customer magazine and customer magazine perle from BUDNI.

EDEKA – Germany’s most successful business initiative

The profile of the medium-sized and cooperative EDEKA association is based on the successful interaction of three phases: nationwide, around 3,500 independent retailers give EDEKA a face. At the retail level, they act as local suppliers who represent the quality and enjoyment of food. They are supported by seven regional wholesalers who deliver fresh goods to EDEKA stores every day and are also on their side from sales to expansion issues. EDEKA’s strategy is coordinated at EDEKA’s headquarters in Hamburg. It controls the national commodity trade as well as the successful “We Love Food” campaign and gives a variety of impetus to achieving common goals. Through its subsidiary Netto Marken-Discount, it is also identifying successful trends in the discount business. Specialized trade formats such as BUDNI or NATURKIND, collaborations with online delivery services such as Picnic and wholesale consumer business with EDEKA Foodservice complement the wide range of services offered by the group of companies. In 2021, EDEKA generated sales of €62.7 billion with more than 11,100 stores and approximately 405,000 employees. With around 19,900 trainees, EDEKA is one of the leading trainers in Germany.

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