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There are endless ways to show someone you love. But how does a declaration of love become special, romantic and above all unforgettable for the one you love?

Falling in love is without a doubt the best feeling in the whole world. You have butterflies in your stomach, you can hug the whole world while you are in the ninth cloud. Of course, you also want to share the overwhelming feelings with your sweetheart. But what is the best way to do this? How do you find the right words?

Romantic declaration of love

The three magical words “I love you” do not easily appear on everyone’s lips. It is important to be prepared for a declaration of love. The message should come from the heart and not be just an empty phrase. If you are sure about your feelings, you can and should share them with your partner.

The right place: whether on holiday in front of the Eiffel Tower or at home with a candlelit dinner – A declaration of love should come from the heart and take place in a quiet moment of togetherness. Then the place moves to the background. Between the door and the hinge on the way to work isn’t exactly a romantic time for a first declaration of love.

Statements of love can be oral or written. If you’re encouraged, you can look your dream partner straight in the eye and say “I love you.” Statements of love for each WhatsApp is somewhat impersonal and unromantic, which is why it is best not to use it. But in the context of the relationship, you can always remind your partner of how much he means to you. Then WhatsApp is of course a suitable tool.

However, there is a lot of love in a personally formulated love letter, poem, poetry or beautiful love sayings. It must be recorded on paper so that it can be read again at any time. A message via SMS or WhatsApp is quickly forgotten, a handwritten message has a deeper meaning for most people. For all the musicians among the readers, a love song written by themselves is of course a wonderful symbol of love – joy and passion guaranteed.

But what should you write in a love letter? It is important to remain spontaneous and honest with yourself. It is best to write down the feelings you really feel about your partner. You can ask yourself these questions for guidance:

1) What do I particularly like about him/her?
2) What feelings does it evoke in me?
3) What distinguishes the relationship?
4) Which event brings back good memories?
5) Why am I so happy?

A short declaration of love: sayings for lovers

To get inspiration for your own love letter, here’s a little overview of beautiful declarations of love:

– Everyone needs a safe place. you are mine
The days with you are my absolute favorite days.
I want you tomorrow, next week, and the rest of my life.
My greatest wish is to be your greatest wish.
You are the most beautiful coincidence in my life.
There are seven billion people in the world, but I only want you.
– Everything about me loves everything about you.
– You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
You are the soul that my soul has always been searching for.
You have what others don’t, my dear.
What I’m saying seems crazy, but I can’t be happy without you.

Special statements about love

There are many ways to prove love. It’s especially cute when Love symbols from songs, movies or books Come that matches the person or mailIt has a special meaning for a person. How about a love line symbol from your favorite song?

love quotes from songs

“Because I all love you all. I love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.” – John Legend

“When you breathe, I want to be the air for you. I’ll be there for you” – Bon Jovi

“Wherever you go, whatever it takes, I’ll be right here waiting for you.” – Richard Marx

“I tell you very rarely: it is nice to be around.” – silver moon

“I just wanted to tell you that you are the most important thing to me.” – Sportfreund Stellar

“In my world, it’s when the sun rises. You’re the reason I wake up every morning. You’re the moon that looks up at me every evening and I know when I go to bed, you’re there and you look at me.” – Zadeh

Love quotes from books

“You are my favorite word in my favorite sentence. You are my favorite place in my favorite city. And your sun shines like this on my moon. Yes, you are my proof that life is worth living.” – Julia Engelman

“As he was reading, I fell in love with him the way one sleeps: slowly at first and then desperately.” -Green John

“In spite of you, in spite of me, and in spite of the world beginning to end, I love you.” – Margaret Mitchell

“Love allows you to find secret places in another person, even those we did not know existed, even those they did not think they could call wonderful.” – Diana Peterfreund

Love quotes from movies

“You are the fulfillment of all my prayers. You are a song, a dream, a whisper and I don’t know how I managed to live without you for so long” or “The story is just a moment, but love is a lifetime.” – From the movie “Like a Single Day”.

“I love you as if I have never loved anyone else and have waited for you more than any other woman.” – “In the wind”.

“You are sure to love someone like this once in your life.” – “The bridge over the river”.

“Perhaps the only thing special about me is you” – “Great Expectations.”

declaring his love for him

– At some point I don’t want to be your girlfriend anymore, but your wife.
My favorite place is in your arms.
You are my first thought when I wake up and my last thought when I go to sleep.
I want you to know that no one can replace you.
– And suddenly it was all a love song about you.
I fell in love many times, but always with you.
You are the reason why I dream during the day and cannot sleep at night.

Declaration of love for you

Always take good care of yourself, I still want to experience a lot with you.
– You can doubt anything but my love.
– You are my sun, my home, my world.
Hand in hand with you I want to overcome every obstacle in the world.
– My heart is yours forever.
Love is: Count the hours until you come back.
I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of me.
Everyone has weaknesses, I think you are mine.

love quotes in english

There are also beautiful love letters in English:

– you’re Worldwide.
There is not a single person in this world that I want more than I want you.
– I will give you more than anything else.
I still fall in love with you every day.
I love you more than I found a way to tell you.
– I will never stop loving you.
– All you are is all I need.

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What is the word no-gos when declaring love?

No matter how much you love – you should never say “I love you”. On the first date to say. Likewise, one should not talk about the wedding or future children at first. There may be exceptions here. However, for many people, this can be disgusting. It is important to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

When it comes to love symbols, you should always wait for the other person’s reaction so you know if they are feeling the same way. If the partner does not return the love, you should avoid love letters and give your partner some time.

The phrase “I love you” has a different meaning than “I love you.”

Important: Love can never be asked for and no one should be forced to say the Three Magical Words.

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