Hollywood Car Designer launches Y0 NFT: a 3D car NFT project

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 30, 2022 – Y0 NFT presents its first high-performance supercar called NFT “Syntax”. This provides car enthusiasts with a one-of-a-kind luxury NFT vehicle with a 3D model outline that can be used to produce the virtual design in the physical world.

The Y0 NFT Syntax supercar was designed by Matthew Cunningham, a world-renowned American industrial designer known in Hollywood for his expertise in advanced automobile design, graphic development and feature film concept design. Cunningham combines new materials science, aerodynamics, manufacturing innovations and cutting-edge technology into his vehicle design, introducing a unique luxury vehicle market to the NFT space.

“Like any good design that balances aesthetics, utility and subject matter, Y0 NFT design relies on a suite of systems that work together to create a unique experience for each collector,” said Cunningham, founder of Y0 NFT. “Each syntax owner will have a different experience based on how much interaction they want, how much knowledge they have, and how much time they can devote to looking at the device’s myriad features.”

Cunningham’s latest project focuses on eco-friendly luxury sports cars, as well as conceptual solutions, progressive design and global strategy. Y0 NTF Syntax collectors can jump into the metaverse, park it in their digital garage, print it on a home 3D printer, or co-construct a complete prototype. NFT owners also have the right to build their own NFT indefinitely or they can just ride the syntax with their friends in the multiverse.

“Our goal is to be one of the most useful NFT groups to date,” said Nicholas Papillon, Web-3 Consultant and Blockchain Architect. “Y0 NFT is committed to bringing modern, premium, limited-edition vehicle designs to collectors, enthusiasts, and gamers in a variety of digital formats while leveraging decentralized design, distribution, and construction.”

The first phase of the project envisages the launch of an exclusive and limited syntax design via smart contracts on the Y0 NFT site during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo on May 26, 2022.

About Y0 NFT

Y0 NFT (dubbed “Why Zero”) was founded in 2022 by Matthew Cunningham, an American industrial designer known for his expertise in advanced vehicle design, brand development and feature film concept design. Cunningham had major film and automotive design studios as clients: Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Lionsgate, Amazon Studios, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, Google, and many more.

Cunningham is an automotive designer with extensive experience in both the automotive design studios and the feature film art departments, and has supported and directed advanced projects for numerous automotive brands. He’s also created vehicle concepts for productions like Star Trek: Picard and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Space Jam 2, the Russo brothers’ upcoming Citadel project for Amazon Studios, an adaptation of the hugely popular Borderlands game series, and the upcoming Godzilla sequel, which is being filmed Currently in Australia.

Y0 NFT is dedicated to bringing modern, limited-edition vehicle design to collectors, enthusiasts and gamers in a variety of digital formats while taking advantage of decentralized design, distribution and construction.

Contact: Jessica | Email: jessica@y0nft.com | Phone: +1 347-504-1404

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