Unhappiness in love? 5 signs to look out for

Sure, love doesn’t always go smoothly and not everything goes according to plan: sometimes things are complicated and it takes time to find each other. But what if you waited and waited and that happy ending didn’t come? When the person you have feelings for doesn’t respond to anything.

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This hurts! It actually hurts like hell which is why you should never put yourself in this situation in the first place. We will explain how you can know that you are hopelessly unhappy in love and how you can overcome it.

Unhappiness in love – what does it mean?

Being miserable in love means being in love one-sidedly and this can be very painful. Someone makes your heart beat faster, you want to spend every minute with this person, share experiences with him, but the beloved does not return your feelings. There can be many reasons for this: maybe a person is in love with another or even already taken? Maybe he’s not done with his ex yet? Or maybe he didn’t click with the person, as he did with you. Even if it’s hard, you can’t force feelings.

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But you can also be unhappy in love if the other person doesn’t know anything about feelings, for example because you don’t dare express them. In this case, the disease of love appears, you feel depressed and not well enough.

How does it feel to be unlucky in love?

Feeling unhappy in love is painful and is associated with constant sadness and emotional turmoil. When thoughts of a shared future and the ideal image created in the head collapse, it causes mental pain, which can also appear physically and can last for months. Many who suffer from nausea suffer from insomnia, loss of appetite, and weakness.

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Feelings and thoughts go completely crazy during this time: you have doubts about yourself and do not feel good enough about the person. You blame yourself for not reciprocating feelings. Sometimes you have moments of hope that everything will go well and that the chosen one will continue to develop feelings. Being unlucky in love is constant ups and downs that can be very stressful.

It’s especially hard if you’re feeling miserable in love with a co-worker. Instead of the initial joy of the workday and spending time together, feelings of unreciprocated attempts at flirtation or rejection can quickly turn into frustration and stress. Since you spend a lot of time at work and with your co-workers, in this situation it is very difficult to let go of the loved one.

When you fall in love with a certain man or woman, it can be very sad to know that there is another person who makes this person happy and has already given their heart to him. In such a situation, one often starts comparing himself to his constant partner and thus lowers his self-confidence.

It is also tragic in friendship to be miserable in love. You experience a lot together, meet each other regularly due to the shared environment and are often physically closer than strangers. Every look and every touch can raise hopes, and at the same time you don’t want to jeopardize your friendship and are unsure whether you should confess your feelings to him or her.

You may have noticed it yourself: no matter who you fell in love with grief and what the situation led to, it is always associated with heartache.

Are you unlucky in love? These five signs speak for it

Some people quickly float on cloud 9, others make friends first or even form a bond until they suddenly “click”. It is often not easy to assess whether falling in love is reciprocal, especially at the stage of getting to know you.

In men, certain cues or behavioral patterns indicate that they are in love. You can read here what they are.

On the other hand, there are also obvious signs that your counterpart does not feel the same affection and that you are unfortunately unlucky in love.

  1. You can carry on with conversations or send regular messages, with little or nothing coming from the other person. He or she texts you infrequently and doesn’t respond quickly to your text messages, even though you like to text him frequently.
  2. Appointments are canceled at short notice without a new appointment being proposed. There are no joint trips or meetings planned in the future.
  3. Your date shows little interest in you and doesn’t ask questions about what you do, like, or desire. Or he’s typing on his phone all the time during your meetings and not really listening when you’re talking.
  4. If a person wants to meet, it is usually only spontaneously. This gives the impression that you are only filling things up when he or she has nothing else to do.
  5. If you suggest going on dates with friends or getting to know family, your loved one will block and discourage you.

What do I do if I am unlucky in love?

Sadness, inner emptiness, or anger – unrequited love can be painful. Being miserable in love with someone with whom you have not been in a romantic relationship and who does not know anything about feelings can also lead to a state of being deeply in love.

If you are hopelessly unhappy in love, then you should try to draw a line to overcome being unhappy in love more easily. Even if sufferers cannot imagine it, the feeling of nausea passes over time and heartache can be overcome more easily and more quickly with the right behavior.

What to do when you are unlucky in love:

  1. Accept the situation: It doesn’t make sense to keep looking for hope or falter. If your feelings are not adequately responded to, you should accept them and end with the idea that there is a future for the two of you together. It is also worth taking a neutral look at everything from the outside. What advice would you give a friend if he was in a similar situation? Can flirting with a coworker turn into a serious relationship? Will my wedding date really leave their family for me? Being aware of reality helps to see the situation more clearly.
  2. Disconnect: Yes, it’s hard not to see each other and text each other all the time, but disconnecting can work wonders and help you get over an unhappy infatuation faster. Each connection awakens hopes and unnecessarily prolongs love. If it’s not possible to disconnect, for example because you two work together, limit the conversations to work topics and don’t spend your lunch breaks together. Also, unfollow the person on social media so that you don’t constantly hear what they’re up to or see their posts.
  3. Distracts: Anything that takes your mind off things also takes you a little emotional in the process of falling in love. Play sports or be physically active. This not only releases happiness hormones, but also puts you in a good mood and boosts your confidence.
  4. Talk and admit your feelings: Meet your friends and talk about what’s moving and hurting you. This will help you deal with unrequited love better. It’s also okay to cry or get angry. If you just suppress your feelings and maybe get distracted with someone else, you will not be happy and negative feelings will usually catch up with you at some point. Consciously allowing the pain and saying goodbye makes it possible to open up to a new relationship.
  5. Focus on your future: Don’t hang your thoughts on the past, but direct your focus to the future. Ditch the mementos and do yourself a favor. Take up a new hobby or finally do something you’ve wanted to try for a long time. Now you have time for yourself and your interests.

Unhappiness in love with someone taken

Are you dating a man or woman who is taken and has started an affair, or do you adore the person from afar? Regardless of the constellation, whether it is a crush or love, in which the partner is not free, it is characterized by great emotional chaos and in most cases doomed to failure.

A forgiving person is unlikely to leave their partner, despite repeated reassurances. If you have been too emotionally involved and are hopeless and unhappy in love with a man or woman who has been taken, you will later regret the investment of time and feelings.

We have summarized other signs that His Excellency Christ is the wrong person for you here.

If you are unhappy in love with a man or a woman, the following behavior is recommended:

Expressing your love to someone who is committed and has no hopes takes courage and is not always recommended. If the smitten man or woman is happy in the relationship and may have children, the chances of success are low and humiliation or embarrassing moments are inevitable. On the other hand, it may be helpful to hear from the other person that there is no interest. This makes it easy to let go and accept that the other person does not feel the same way.

So, whether you should reveal your feelings to a loved one or whether you prefer to back out depends on the situation and whether or not you are already in a close relationship. Do what makes you feel good without hurting others.

Especially when you are hopeless and unhappy in love with someone who has already been taken, it is worth cutting off contact as much as possible and not allowing yourself to be put off. Especially when the situation is hopeless. The less you see your loved one or spend time together, the easier it will be to fall in love. And when this step is taken, you will be ready for a new man or woman again, and hopefully, experience with her how beautiful it is to feel happy in love.

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