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A piece of luck – the opening ceremony of the inclusive stadium at the Hannover Youth Center.

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, summer is here and summer is finally beginning The long awaited playing season! Kids can hardly wait to spend an afternoon in the sandbox, on the swings, or on the climbing frame. There is laughter, and bull, and run. The coming days and weeks might be pretty sweet for kids, but unfortunately the fun is over Playgrounds are mostly intended for non-disabled children.

Overall pitches are still rare!

We all know that since our childhood – spending time with friends on the playground Incredibly valuable. Kids can just be themselves there, run it or just relax. You can practice different skills and, above all, learn how to interact socially. But be honest: Have you ever seen a child in a wheelchair playing in your usual playground?

Most of you will certainly answer this question “no”, because unfortunately most playgrounds in Germany are not yet designed so that they can be accessed and used equally for all children. So far there There are hardly any all-encompassing and barrier-free playgrounds – That’s a pity, when playgrounds should be a meeting place, a place where all children should be welcomed.

There are all kinds of things in the traditional playground pitfalls and obstaclesMake it impossible for children with disabilities to play with them. Whether it is sandy floors, the From Wheelchairs and strollers unacceptable or playground equipment that cannot be accessed and used without barriers. Every mother who has a disabled child knows The painful experience when your offspring have to watch from the edge of the fieldwhile everyone is happy and playing together.

The boys happily on a swing in the comprehensive play area of ​​Stück

Inclusion is when all children are allowed to play happily and safely!

Here children learn what it means to be inclusive and tolerant

Inclusive playgrounds are very important for every child. Because when people learn it from an early age Everyone is allowed to be there and greet themThis is unbelievable A valuable and important lesson for more life. It’s about not letting barriers arise in the first place, neither physically nor mentally. And that only works where inclusion really lives up to it.

All the better it “Piece of Happiness” initiative Gives – A project in collaboration with Procter & Gamble, REWE and Aktion Mensch, which promotes and enables the construction of comprehensive stadiums in Germany.

With “Piece of Luck” for more happy children’s laughter

More than 30 stadiums included The initiative has already been implemented, with very special playground equipment that gives access to all children and thus offers each child a challenge and fun. Whether it’s swings that kids can swing in while they’re lying down, or spinners that make room for a wheelchair. Here children are encouraged to engage with each other, help each other, think of creative games and have fun together.

A boy plays and laughs in the inclusive play area of ​​Stück zum Glück

In an inclusive playground, children also learn empathy and a sense of responsibility towards their fellow human beings

And what do the children themselves say about it?

When my two daughters told my brother about the campaign, they were very moved. They immediately want to visit such a comprehensive playground. They are also excited about the playground equipment that they were completely unfamiliar with. But unfortunately there is no inclusive stadium in our vicinity, which makes them very sad. They are rightly asking themselves how children should behave if they cannot play in a traditional playground. A disappointing idea, which is unfortunately a reality for children with disabilities.

The most important and beautiful thing is that we all The initiative piece of happiness can support. How it works? When did you shop at REWE Buy a Procter & Gamble productsuch as Pampers®, Head & Shoulders®, Ariel®, Oral B®, or Always®, Procter & Gamble donates 1 percent of each product to build comprehensive playground projects in Germany!

over here You will find a list of all-inclusive pitches or pitches with all-inclusive equipment.

Products piece fortunately

Products piece fortunately

So that more children can play and make friends. Regardless of whether you have a disability or not.

Join us – we’ll be there too! # Against the barriers in my head # Pieces of luck

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