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The holidays hardly end when the calendar of events in the region is already noticeably filled up. From Vaterstetten to Frauenneuharting: there are exciting events to experience everywhere.

Music Market in Vatterstetten

Parallel to the weekly market, the music will be back again this Thursday, June 23, at 10.15 a.m. at Watterstetten Parish Church. Top-notch musicians can be heard on the theme “Awakening Joy”: Watterstätten musician Eren Draxinger, Daniel Geiglberger (concert head of the Munich Chamber Orchestra), Jenny Sherling (Viola) and Caterina Giantitti (Violoncillo) playing a baroque and baroque program. classic music. The quartet will be heard in C major by Johann Christian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s quartet in F major KV 370. In addition to the appropriate texts, Pierre Auguste Renoir’s artwork “Summer Landscape” will enrich the program. Entry is free, donations for musicians and for the maintenance of the concert series are required.

Talent proves their skills

The concert series “Music Pur” offers students applying to a music school a platform to prove their skills. On Friday, June 24, talented northerners will perform music from a variety of styles, such as marimba, accordion, piano, recorder, or violin. A highlight will certainly be the percussion band led by Sebastian Hausel. The concert begins in the Unterbräu Hall on Markt Schwaben at 7:30 pm.

heart painting

Illustrator Katharina Lutke from Egmating is now showing at Glonner Marktblick under the banner “Head out – heart on”. “My work is my journey in life,” she says of what she picks up on canvases of acrylic paints, spray cans, and spoons. From social education, the 38-year-old girl began to draw completely unplanned: “It crept into my life.” According to Lütke’s philosophy “painting comes from within”, her feelings are reflected in the pictures. For example, the decision made in the summer of 2021 to make art exclusively a profession can be recognized by especially light colors. Vernissage will celebrate at Marktblick on Friday, June 24th, at 7.30pm, and the band will be playing Rewas. There should also be an “art to win”. Pictures can then be seen until October.

Baroque piety

On Friday, June 24, at the Local History Society in Frauenneuharting, you can hear a lecture on the previous pilgrimage “To Our Lady”. After the annual general meeting at 7.30pm in the parsonage, historians Berthold and Bernard Schaeffer will use a miracle book kept by Frauenneuharting benefactor Paulus Mimmel from 1742 to 1784 to explain what this Baroque creation of popular piety was all about. All interested parties are invited to this event.

Irish folk at Zornding Town Hall

Zornedinger Band presents a new program of Irish American folk music Dolcimore On Saturday, June 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the town hall of their home town hall. The two long years of Corona made enough time for many new songs and pieces of music – with stories about fairies and elves, love that is or is lost forever, sailors and friendship. Anyway, Betty Baindl, Brigitte Fritsch, Sigrid Koska, Peter Benz and Axel Obermeier will once again perform a lot of beautiful music on a lot of instruments. Admission is from 7 p.m. Admission is free, but the band welcomes donations. Information under (08106) 202 39 (AB) or by e-mail to

From Zorneding to Zorneding: Betty Baindl, Brigitte Fritsch, Sigrid Koska, Peter Benz and Axel Obermeier are the band “Dulcimore”.

(Photo: Organizer)

improvised revolution

A private concert will take place at St. Margarethe Markt Schwaben Church on Saturday 25 June: Steinhöringen conceptual artist Peter Kees will improvise on the Bürgle-Schmid organ, which was renovated in 2017. Before it begins at sunset, church musician Stefan Kreisch performs the instrument. The show starts at 8:30pm. Case describes his project as follows: “Fragile social systems characterize the present. The question of feeling or indifference to life remains unanswered.” Based on Douglas Adams’ novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” he is currently giving 42 impromptu shows to 42 members. “The performances are not concerts in the classical sense, but rather reflections attached to the present – art is a meta language that transcends all barriers.”

Mozart meets Brahms

On Saturday, June 25, a Munich Classic Players Under the direction of Maximilian Leinekugel at Poinger Christ Church and presenting two works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Serenade No. 13, known as “Kleine Nachtmusik” and Divertimento in D. It comes alive and clearly shows the composer’s endless intelligence and creativity. This contrasts with Clarinet Quintet in B min by Johannes Brahms, inspired by Mozart. The gloomy, sweet and bitter mood makes it sound like a review of Brahms’ private life. play it Alinea Quartet And clarinetist Poinger Lisa Riepl. Start at 8 pm. Tickets for €20, €8 for pupils and students and €50 for families (2 adults and two children) are available from the Poing Library at or at the box office.

Twice music club

In the Ottersberger Kulturstadl between Poing and Pliening there are two shows over the weekend: on Saturday, June 25, Claudia Pichler guest with her program “Woman Sees White and Blue”, and on Sunday, June 26, Monaco luggage With their best called “everything is out of control”. Pichler humorously winds her way through the Free State, observing, capturing, or occasionally pissing off and creating her own rhyme with the Bavarian universe—”charming, careless and embellished with one song or the other.” Monaco Bagage offers a synthesis of music and lyrics, joy and thoughtfulness as the four musicians transcend all genre boundaries. “Musicmedia The Fourth Dimension!” Entry and catering from 6:30pm, starting at approximately 8pm. Tickets are only available upon prior request, by phone at (08121) 795 60 or by email at

Culture preview for Ebersberg: The

It’s clear that Monaco Bagage loves it wild.

(Photo: Organizer)

For head and soul

vocal duo Groove Specials He will be a guest on Saturday 25 June at the Café Bar Herzog in Zornding. Petra Smuda (Voc./Sax./Flute) and Ralf Smuda (Guitars/Loops) have been very creative since 2010 and have toured all over Germany. Their show consists of sophisticated cover songs as well as their own pop, rock and jazz tracks with lyrics for head and soul. Start at 8pm, admission 1 hour before. It is recommended to register by email to

Baroque cantata solo

As part of the Bach & more concert series, a concert with solo baroque cantata will take place on Sunday 26th June at 7pm at Sankt Egideus in Keverloh. Under the direction of Matthias Gerstner on the organ and accompanied by an orchestra, sopranos Monika Lichtenegger and alto Melanie Arnhold sing works by Schutz, Welland and Buxtehude. Tickets costing €15 and €8 are available at bookshops in Vaterstetten and Haar, from Löntz or AP-Buch paper shops in Baldham and from stationery Steffi in Zorneding. Remaining tickets at the box office.

Kapellmeister court mass

vocal band Canto Vivace She gave a concert at the parish church of Mariae Heimsuchung in Forstinning on Sunday, June 26. Under the supervision of Konrad Huber, Requiem No. 1 in D Major will be performed by Antonio Salieri, also known as “Hofkappelmeister Requiem,” with Eugene Kim, Min Minjong Seo, Haocho Ho and Lisa Eisenreich as the soloists. A symphony by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will also be heard. It starts at 7 pm, tickets for 15 euros are available at the box office. Reservations can be made at (08124) 77 33 or by e-mail to

Visit Sebastiani Church

Rarely in the year do you have the opportunity to look at the Sebastian Church, where the relics of St. Sebastian are kept. This room in St. Sebastian’s Church in Ebersberg is not normally available to the public. On Sunday, June 26, Ebersburg City Guide Robert Bauer and Sakristan Isidore Beiersdorfer will show and explain the beautiful Baroque church. Meeting point at 2 pm in front of the church. Registration is absolutely necessary, by e-mail to

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