Virgo Ascendant: This distinguishes him

Virgo ascendant is perfectionist, responsible and loves the beautiful. Here we will tell you what else makes the ascending sign and how it appears in children.

people with Virgo rising organisation. Even unannounced visitors will find a neat home with clothes arranged by color and books ordered by size. However, the house earth sign before life. for you perfectionism It affects all of your senses, so you notice after a few minutes when people are being dishonest with you, you taste the difference between making my own home and buying, and you immediately notice when the person is wearing a different perfume than usual.

Meaning: The difference between the astrological sign and the ascendant

Most people are more familiar with astronomy asterisk Who is with her? origins trusted. In all likelihood, this is because our zodiac sign is simply based on birthday can be determined. Once we find out, it says a lot about our country Letter and us inner world Outside. With information such as Sagittarius, Taurus or Capricorn, we can also consult your horoscope.

In order to determine our rise, we need more information than our birthday. With our help place of birthThe Exact birth time Including hour, minute and that birthday Our ascension can be calculated using an ascending calculator. The result is a zodiac sign that It was rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This rising zodiac sign changes approximately every two hours, which is why the exact time of your birth is so important.

This rising zodiac sign is a beautiful complement to our astrological sign and describes, How do people view us? which Our charisma in public. The ascent is also metaphorically compared to the cloak we put on before leaving the house. This coat can be completely different from our zodiac sign, or it can be identical to it.

In short it can be defined:

  • asteriskDescribes our personality, thinking, and characteristics
  • risingThe way we interact with others

Virgo Ascending: This is how others see you

for you sense of dutyfor you rationalityyour sense of ranking and thy Willingness to help It is greatly appreciated by those around you. Virgo is very bullish criticalAnd the my contact And the decentAnd friends and partners also admire these qualities in you. Bad gossip does not exist for you, but if you are upset with someone, then you rely on facts and ignore rumors.

You are Communicate honestly and clearlyDo not speak between the lines and change the love. But you like to avoid problems, your character is not eager to get into arguments.

Your ruling planet is Mercury. If you are wondering where your analytical sense and communication skills come from – here you have the answer. as such person head However, this mercury energy can also cause chaos in the head. Therefore, regular disposal of thoughts is a must.

Astrological Powers of the Ascended Virgo

  • Organizer
  • frugal
  • obedient
  • dedicate
  • flexible

Astrological weaknesses of the ascendant Virgo

  • Attention to detail
  • trivial
  • narrow minded
  • Doubtful
  • Follow-up

Virgo ascends in love

Ascendant Virgo who loves security is a relationship person. Sees the family as an institution safety net, where everyone can rely on everyone one hundred percent. If a Virgo rookie confesses their feelings, the other person can be sure that they mean it seriously. Virgo ascendant is not created for contradictory relationships. Commitments are a high priority.

Men and women with ascendant Virgo in relationships Care And the trusted. Unfortunately, they sometimes put their own needs aside in order to please others or to escape an argument.

Astrology: Rising Leo and his descendants

subordinate descendingThe Opposite signs of ascending, describes the personality traits of a person who would fit in well with us. It certainly shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to love. The descendant of the ascendant is Virgo fish. This zodiac sign in life Less organized, daydreaming and emotionally intense. First of all, it is a challenge. But it is precisely the opposites that lead to a beautiful balance for the Virgo. The Ascendant Virgo benefits from the lightness of Pisces, which in turn is grounded in Virgo.

Virgo rookie in friendships

Appreciates loyal and old friends of people with ascendant Virgo soothing comfortthat emanate from them. also her humorwhile Virgo Ascendants can sometimes occur They laugh at their mistakes and yourself in Self ridicule to lose. But even with serious issues and problems, the ascendant Virgo is not far off. You can always count on his help Nice quality.

Virgo rising at work

everything is cramped Analytical, manual and number-based meaning From the ascendant Virgo makes him happy at work. Therefore, the job in which he can see exactly what he has achieved at the end of the day is especially satisfying for him. The caring and helpful component of Virgo ascending should not be neglected either. a social profession It can be very satisfying.

People with ascendant Virgo rarely occupy leadership positions. They prefer to stay in the background and relate eye level accompanied by colleagues.

Children with the Ascendant Virgo

Children with a Virgo ascendant don’t stand out at first glance, at least not out loud. love to stay in my knowledge in and Easily fit into a group. As a parent, you may be familiar with the calm demeanor of children with a Virgo ascendant It is not a foregone conclusion I advise. They love to do their jobs However, they do not distinguish themselves with a purpose. The same goes for good grades in school or success in sports. Praise your Virgo rookie, even when they’re not begging for approval. It’s not uncommon for other kids, mostly louder ones, to set fire to the successes of the Little Virgo parentage.

In daily family life, children with ascendant Virgo enjoy themselves Routine, order, and clearly allocating the role and its structure. want daily learn new things or explore. Its particularly pronounced The strength of observation. Young Virgo owners can keep themselves occupied for a long time because when they acquire a skill, they want to master it. Whether it’s coloring a mandala, building a sandcastle, or learning a musical instrument.

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