Dozens of Horses in Team G7: Electrical Box Tampering – Politics

The security services have been preparing for the G7 summit for months. Shortly before the meeting, the first events began: first, secret police documents about the 2015 summit appeared on the Internet, and now the attacks on energy funds are known. The authorities remained calm.

Preparations for the G7 summit are underway in Schloss Elmau near Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the hot phase. In the area, the police are moving with huge forces. A security zone has been cordoned off around the luxury Alpine hotel at the foot of the Wetterstein Mountains since Sunday.

So far, according to the authorities, there is no concrete threat to the summit. However, the police dealt with some incidents. Before the security zone around the castle was closed, an aid organization’s power distribution boxes were tampered with.

The cables were reconnected several times in June in such a way that no electricity would flow – and an electric shock to the employee in question during the repair could not be ruled out, the German news agency learned from the security services. Accordingly, it is suspected that among the opponents of the summit are suspects. But no one was hurt. Property damage was investigated. There were also a few posters, such as “Move the G7”.

About 18,000 officials are expected to protect the summit – the same number as in 2015. Some come from other federal states and the federal government. According to reports, about a third of the 35,000 Bavarian police officers can be deployed in the G7.

The police are also assisted by cavalry officers. 42 horses of the Bavarian State Police and Baden-Württemberg and their riders are part of the emergency services team. The FBI is also on the road at the G7 summit with a similar number of horses.

In a presentation given by the State Police’s Cavalry Squadron, the police said the animals were “sympathetic.” “Citizens view police horses generally favorably, and it is often easier to start an unbiased conversation with police officers.” Animals should be used primarily in badlands.

The Federal Police has been checking the borders since June 13 in order to intercept potential violent criminals as quickly as possible.

Several organizations have announced demonstrations, the largest in Munich on Saturday. Organizers emphasized that they expected a peaceful demonstration. Several protest events have also been planned in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district. The county office’s decisions on the recordings are still pending. As of Friday, critics of the summit want a protest camp for several hundred protesters in a meadow in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

In 2015, summit opponents were surprised by masses of water after violent regular falls. It can also get wet this time. The German Weather Service (DWD) is forecasting rain, thunderstorms and sun until the end of the week. Many thunderstorms are expected, especially on Friday, especially in the Bavarian Alps. The summit begins on Sunday, even then the weather can be unstable.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Visser (SPD) had stressed the day before that protecting the G7 summit was a top priority for the security authorities. While peaceful protest is part of democracy, Fizer said during a visit by the emergency services, firm measures are taken in the event of violence. “We are prepared for every scenario and are on the lookout for violent chaos and left-wing extremists.”

According to the minister, the publication of documents on security measures at the G7 summit in 2015 has no impact on the current operational planning. It is not good that what happened. But it concerns operational documents from 2015. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann (CSU) and a police spokesman made similar statements. Weisser initially left it open about whether steps could be taken against the “de.ndymedia” platform on which the documents were available. “We are looking at it more closely now.”

Police union representative Andreas Roskov was confident that there would be no major riots. “It doesn’t seem like blatant riots can happen,” said the head of the police union for the Federal Police, the German Liberation Network (RND, Tuesday). “It’s not clear that a black mass is coming. Instead, the results make us salvage a die-hard heart.”

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