Mechanically Separated Meat Scandal: “Just Don’t Eat Dead Animals!” Twitter rages over deceptive packaging on a sausage rack

What is really the sausage that is served in supermarkets in Germany? Lab tests showed misleading packaging, and the so-called mechanical meat separator was not advertised. There is a heated debate about this on Twitter.

For the German food industry, it is black and white as per EU lawfoodThe list of information has been written: it should be clear to consumers what is in the processed foods displayed on supermarket shelves in Germany. Now, however, there are allegations that these regulations cannot be observed in the production of sausage products.

Unauthorized mechanically separated meat in sausage products! The laboratory investigation is causing a stir

According to a series of tests conducted by the news magazine “Spiegel” and the NDR, there were inconsistencies in the declaration of ingredients in sausage products from different manufacturers. For example, it is suspected that the Tönnies slaughterhouse, based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, processed mechanically separated meat for sausage products without indicating the relevant information on the packaging. In principle, processing mechanically separated meat is harmless and legal as long as the relevant information can be found on the packaging in the supermarket.

Excitement about unmarked mechanically separated meat – but what is it anyway?

In food production, mechanically separated meat is understood to mean animal ingredients obtained in meat processing when meat residues are used on the bones. Compressed mass is not necessarily pure muscle meat, components such as “fat, connective tissue or spinal cord” can also be included. The world of biotechnology Dr. repeats. Of course on the trail of Stefan Johannes Wittke of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences: Wittke developed a method for detecting mechanically separated meat in sausage products and took a closer look at different sausage products as a sample.

University professor develops mechanically separated meat scanner – hands-on test yields shocking results

For the investigations of NDR and “Spiegel”, 30 different samples of sausage and poultry meat were presented to the world. According to a report by “Tagesschau”, nine samples of products from the meat sector were able to detect mechanically separated meat. In the case of sausage products, the mechanically separated meat scanner detected approximately 50 percent of the samples. Samples complained of due to the ad loss of mechanically separated meat came not only from manufacturers from the Tönnies group, but also from Wiesenhof or Gutmann – whose products are on shelves in Rewe or Edeka, among others.

A controversy rages over mechanical meat separation: “What do you expect?”

The controversy over not advertising the mechanically separated meat in sausage products continued to be lively on social networks. A number of commentators acknowledged the outcry over the use of leftover meat in sausage production, with shoulders shrugged. “Separated meat in sausage is the new excitement. What do you think about sausage, if not using leftover meat that can’t be used any other way? That’s where the term comes from, by the way. It also makes more sense than throwing it away,” says one observer. Another wrote, “How naive are people. What do you expect, what’s in sausage? But your main problem is just the lack of a sign …”, followed by comments like “What do some people expect, if you buy sausage for 0.99 euros???”.

Mechanically separated meat to reduce animal suffering? “It’s a win situation”

Sometimes there are also proponents of the practice of processing mechanically separated meat in sausage products, which is reflected in comments such as “If for that less the animals It should die and the sausage tastes like it always does, this is a win-win situation “,” Basically, I think it’s very reasonable to use the whole animal if you kill it” or “First of all, that’s nothing disgusting, it’s a mechanical cut of meat separated from orthopedic; But it is the cheapest of all “quality offers”.

“Just don’t eat dead animals!”

A large percentage of those who participated in the debate over unauthorized mechanically separated meat on social networks took advantage of this moment to drum up the benefits of vegetarian and vegan nutrition: “Just don’t eat dead animals. Even if you teach a child that you shouldn’t touch them if they are lying in Somewhere! Separator meat – a great German term for waste…” is just one example of this line of controversy.

Still others could not help but denounce the ambivalence of some MMF critics: “Germans MMF:” Yes, moi, the main thing is that I love him! Germans with approved vaccines that have now been tested 12 billion times: “Attention! Who knows what’s out there!! 1?”

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