Power Express – Dr. Investor Relations with Reuter: Fandifi engages fans with unique personal experiences

Fandifi Technology Corp’s motto: “Fandifi is when fan interaction meets real-time expectations.” Through the Fandifi platform, the Canadian company has developed a social sharing tool for developers and fans that gives them extensive access to live content such as esports, sporting events or celebrity events.

We collect, create, and curate fan experiences,” said David Vinokourov, CEO of Fandifi Technology. Organizing means using neural network-based systems to adapt the composition and support of content and events to the personal preferences of users. While “content is king” in general, neural network-based organization engages users with content and predictions tailored to suit their personal preferences.

Vinokourov sees huge potential in connecting fan communities around the world via social media. On Facebook alone, 44 million users are active every minute, on TikTok 164 million – an audience to be picked. The Fandifi platform runs on a linked neural network and works on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

“Our platform turns regular fans into premium fans by allowing them to connect with other fans, delve into content, and get rewards for being fans,” Vinokourov says.

Digital NFTs as a bonus

Users receive NFTs for their activities, for example if they make a certain number of correct predictions – for example in sporting events or esports. Users can trade acquired NFTs in a market located on an interoperable platform. Polygon Network offers particularly fast and cheap transactions.

To popularize its platform with fans, Fandifi Technology Corp. It has already closed several affiliate partnerships, including with Yoruba Media and Blockgration. Fundave Technology has partnered with blockchain specialist Blockgration Global Corp. Agreed, which maintains large groups of blockchain and gaming users in India, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Fandifi allows its partners to reach a digitally intelligent audience and other target groups, and Fandifi partners benefit from the data generated in the process. Added to this are new levels of content marketing, NFT and transaction mining, revenue sharing, and local marketing through integrated content.

The shares are listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN CA3024371088).

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