9 ingenious hacks that will charm parents and kids this summer

It is Summer! The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and with a bit of luck we can look forward to a nice family vacation. Some life tricks make life easier here too – even the really easy life on the beach. We show you smart tips and tricks for the summer and holiday season.

Summer Hack #1: Perfect camouflage for money and keys

What do you do with valuables on the beach? You probably already know the advice of packing your money, cell phone, and keys in what appear to be used diapers. This too? Simply prepare an empty, washed sunscreen tube so you can store valuables in it. It is better to stuff everything with kitchen towels so that the pipe does not make a suspicious sound when it is raised.

Summer Hack #2: Instant Refreshment

“I’m very attractive!” Calm yourself and your feverish kids with these great tips. For example, fill a PET bottle halfway with water and put it in the freezer. If cold drinks are required, simply fill the bottle with a built-in ice pack with water or your favorite soda.

Or make a soft drink yourself, it is very easy with the well-known juice packs from Capri-Sonne. Simply put it in the freezer for two to three hours, then take it out and knead it. And already you can spoon.

Summer Hack #3: No more bugs in the drink

No summer without wasps, mosquitoes and other small winged pests: To protect against bees and wasps in your drinking glass, simply combine a muffin tin with a drinking straw to protect the drink.

Summer Hack #4: Fruit Fly Trap

And they’re also really annoying: fruit flies! Make a simple fruit fly trap using a small bowl with some sweet fruit and sticky rolls. Also works with vinegar!

Summer Hack #5: No Sand in Gears

Holidays by the sea usually mean lots of sand. Little ones love it: build castles, bake sand cakes, or just get muddy. But how do you remove stubborn wet sand from the skin of young (and old) children? The Internet has the solution: baby powder. When applied to the skin, it dries up the remains of wet sand, which can then be easily wiped off.

Penaten Powder, Baby Powder For Feeling Fresh And Dry, Body Powder For Baby Skin, 100gm

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Summer Hack #6: Homemade Pool

We also think the idea of ​​building a children’s pool right on the sand using an old shower curtain is a really smart idea. Older siblings can be of great help with this. And even the smallest members of the family can hang out safely.

Summer Hack #7: Fun Without the Mess

Eat watermelon without making a mess – often impossible for the little ones. If you cut the watermelon into sticks instead of slices, it will be easier to eat.

Summer Hack #8: No More Freezer Burn

And for your favorite ice cream in the fridge, we found this life hack: Pack an entire ice cream box in a ziplock bag. This protects against ice crystals on and inside the ice. Also works with our ice cream recipes. And another tip on the topic of ice cream: Paper muffin cups are great as drip protection for popsicles.

Summer Hack #9: First Aid for Imminent Sunburn

In any case, you must make sure that your child has adequate protection from the sun’s rays, but sometimes a sunburn is faster than you can smear it with sunscreen. If the skin is really red after exposure to the sun, aloe ice cubes, which you can easily make yourself from aloe vera gel (from the drugstore or drugstore) or from real aloe vera leaves, will help you.

Aloe vera gel 99% organic, 355 ml - very good ÖKO-TEST - 100% natural, pure, without perfume (alcohol)
Aloe vera gel 99% organic, 355 ml – very good ÖKO-TEST – 100% natural, pure, without perfume (alcohol)

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