NFT’s Doodles Project brings “happy” singer Pharrell Williams on board

Pharrell Williams firmly believes that the potential of Web 3.0 And the NFTs It will revolutionize the music industry. His move to doodles paves the way for a new era in which blockchain technologies and the music industry will continue to merge. Columbia recordspart of the musical nomenclature Sony MusicWilliams cancels an album called Doodles Volume 1 on me. What looks like a Bravohits group from the 2000s could soon become the new flagship of doodles.

NFT Doodles In Fast Line

The doodle is an example of an NFT project that has evolved from the Web3 community and is growing into a brand. In addition to collaborating with Williams, the project has already brought other partners to join it: Mit Shopify Doodles have really brought merchandise to the masses. In addition, the NFT project was able to support Julian Holguin, former Senior Vice President of paintingWinning as CEO. With this, Doodles aims to turn its vision into reality: to build the largest and most popular Web3 media brand worldwide, bridging the gap between ordinary consumers, culture and entertainment.

The project started out similar to the NFT series with colorful collectible cat pictures: the Crypto cats. Doodles is a community-driven collectible project featuring artwork by Scott Martin, Jordan Castro, and Evan Kist. The majority of the founders have already participated in colorful cat photos. These 10,000 doodles come in many different colors, features, and sizes. The entire ecosystem is essentially a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Each NFT owner has a say in what the DAO implements. Doodle NFT stands for one sound.

Pharrell Williams: Happy in the Doodle Team

On June 22, Doodles announced their collaboration with the “Happy” singer at an event coinciding with the NFT major conference in New York City. On the main stage of the famous Palladium Theatre, Williams addressed the doodler’s ardent fan base.

I am a big fan of the brand. We’ll start from the basic community and take your doodles to new heights.

Pharrell Williams

Columbia Records announces Doodles album Vol.1

One of Williams’ first steps as part of the Doodle team was to produce a new album. This will be released in association with Columbia Records.

Important artists will be featured in the album. Founder of Doodles Toast to the HolocaustScott Martin, aka Scott Martin, wants to publish a limited edition of the visualizations and cover art and bring it to the blockchain. The songs on the album will be broadcast worldwide and will be sold exclusively as NFT for the first time.

“We are thrilled to work with Pharrell to develop doodles and blockchain-based media. Pharrell is one of the greatest innovators of art, entertainment and culture in history. His vision and passion for the Doodles brand will be demonstrated in animation content, music, IRL and product experiences,” said Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, “This first collaboration with Columbia Records will give everyone a glimpse of what we can expect in the future.”

In the meantime, you can already experience the symbiosis between William’s music and the colorful world of Doodles in the recently released trailer for Doodles 2:

Inject money for doodles

Furthermore, the company announced a capital increase around color collecting cards. For this, founders can use the venture capital fund seven seven six win over. “We raise capital from important partners who share common values ​​and inspire us to transform the next digital frontier in entertainment. The partnership with 776 has been very intentional and has been carefully orchestrated over the past few months,” says Julian Holguin.

It remains to be seen whether the decentralized NFT project will continue to organize as a DAO with plenty of available capital. “DAO is an umbrella term and DAO is not equal to DAO. However, it should ultimately depict a classic institutional architecture on the blockchain. But the larger and more financially powerful a DAO is, the more difficult it is for decentralized management,” says Moritz Drat, DAO expert at BTC-ECHO. , because the basic idea remains that all members participate equally in the determination of the capital.

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