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Fortunately, God not only talks to geniuses, but also speaks to me. Exactly as I understand it and can also assimilate it. Exactly what touches my heart the most – youth column by Lucia Zimmerman

Salzburg (

Today we are going to talk about the Holy Spirit and how it helps me receive strength, encouragement, and advice from God through the Bible. I find theological interpretations and Bible interpretations incredibly exciting and enriching, but in my daily prayer time, I need something that I can do without the help of theological geniuses. This is why this method of reading the Bible, guided by the Holy Spirit, has become a special treasure in my life. Fortunately, God not only talks to geniuses, but also speaks to me. Exactly as I understand it and can also assimilate it. Exactly how it touches my heart the most. Every morning for over five years, I have had the experience of God speaking to me and responding to everything I think, speak, and pray.

I always read four different places in the Bible in a row in one day. In the Old Testament, in the Psalms, in Proverbs (or from there to the New Testament) and in the New Testament. In practice, for example, it looks like this: Genesis chapter 1, Proverbs chapter 1, Psalm chapter 1, Matthew chapter 1. I don’t always read an entire chapter, but only until something speaks to me. It can be a word, sentence, noun, number, etc. It’s not about the mind, it’s about the impulse of the heart. Before reading, I always ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and help me to hear the voice of God and to receive what He has prepared for me. Sometimes I also pray for the Holy Spirit more often in between if I’m not sure. What is really important is that you do not read with the mind in the first place, but with the heart. It doesn’t make sense to read three pages of Leviticus about the nature of the menorah in the Tabernacle with the question, “How am I going to pay for my house?” If you ask with the mind, it becomes difficult. Ask the Holy Spirit and something will jump on you there too.

I write what touches me. In the end I have four “words” from God. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but that doesn’t matter. Because the best part is yet to come. The best part but also the hardest part that most people would like to avoid, myself included.

The last step is a message from God to me. Don’t worry, this isn’t a page-length message, just two or three lines. But these three lines will change your daily life, I promise! So, out of the four parts I have collected from the Bible, I am writing this letter. Sometimes I sit and wonder how this would make sense. But then I start with “Dear Lucia,…” and it blows out and eventually leaves me feeling refreshed and grateful.

Idea: “You already got the message anyway.” It is an obstacle to the implementation of the last but most important step. Please do this anyway! At least once. There are teams like raw meat and crunchy schnitzel, like hard grains, and fragrant cakes, like sour grapes and refreshing wine. Don’t be too lazy with the last step. Deserves all the effort!

Finally, an example from me to illustrate a day when I had very high fears after a conversation. When I was in the Bible, the first thing he spoke to me was the name “Amiel.” So I searched for it and found that it has multiple meanings, one of which is “The Protector is God”. After that I got the clip “I repelled them in the name of the Lord”. Third, the name “Jacob” which means “God protects” (I didn’t know that before) and finally “Beloved”.

My letter to myself read: “Dear Lucia, don’t be afraid of … for I, Almighty God, am your protector. When thoughts and fears come, do not believe them. Repel them in my name. They are just lies that try to prevent you from doing the right thing boldly. You are my beloved lover, I will protect you “.

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