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Not only did “Batman in Superman” live up to expectations at the box office, but international criticism also left a bad feeling in the blockbuster, which will premiere on free TV on Friday. But editor Pascal has a completely different opinion…

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The numbers speak for themselves: at RottenTomatoes, “Batman V Superman” has an average critic* with only 29 (!) percent, in the official FILMSTARTS review, there were 2 potential deplorables for the shattering clash of 5-star super giants. Furthermore, Zack Snyder’s second leading DC movie is a failure in the first place. I see it quite differently, because to me “Batman V Superman” is a racist comic berserk that rolls like a steamboat every time.

However, there is one big but at this point: the theatrical version will be streamed on Free TV today, June 26 on ProSieben (from 10:25 p.m.). I like it too, but “Batman V Superman” really only reveals its full class in the 180-minute Ultimate Edition, which is currently even included in an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Alternatively, you can of course get Blu-ray and DVD from Amazon.

>guardian “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” when subscribing to Amazon Prime Video*
>guardian “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” on Blu-ray and DVD*

That’s why I love “Batman V Superman”

There’s no doubt that Batman V Superman has his obvious problems. Narratively, it often comes to nothing, due to the fact that director Zack Snyder (“Army of the Dead”) and his writing duo about Chris Terrio and David S. The story path knows how to fill in properly. As a result, there are often interesting explanations when it comes to the psychological motivations of superheroes and villains. But I can overlook it well Because Batman vs Superman basically works for me as a physical experience.

Zack Snyder has had a hit here, and it’s a movie organized cruelty It was hacked, which actually seemed out of the question in these budget areas (cost point: US$250 million). It begins with the massive opening, when Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) wanders through a metropolis that has been declared a war zone due to the confrontation between Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon). Buildings are collapsing, children are crying for their parents, and clouds of smoke cast a shadow over the sky. Pure horror.

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Face to face: Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill)

This all-out darkness, shot by “Batman V Superman” in the first 10 minutes, lasts – depending on which version you’re watching – for 150 to 180 minutes. Created by Zack Snyder, a grueling and brutal comic giant – which is very extraordinary for superhero movies these days – actually has an artistic vision. One notes that “Batman in Superman” constantly bears the signature of his director. And the movie clearly seems to me like the blunt antithesis of Marvel Forge being put in the line.

What paralyzes “Batman V Superman” isn’t just its audiovisual effect, which eventually explodes in a massive explosion of effects that amount to the twilight of the gods. In terms of content, Zack Snyder manages to gain depth from the characters when he lets Bruce Wayne as the child of violence and Clark Kent (Superman’s real name) as the child of love compete against each other. Not only do coherent worldviews conflict completely here, ”Batman V Superman” also challenges the idea of ​​superhero heroism – both in the form of society and the superheroes in themselves.

For me, “Batman V Superman” is also an intrinsically oppressive study of fear. It concerns the fear of one’s fate, the fear of the unknown and ultimately also the fear of oneself. So if you’re still at odds with “Batman V Superman,” I think you should definitely try again – preferably in the Ultimate Edition, of course. For my part, I’m totally blown away by this part of the movies every single time.

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This is what Batman V Superman is all about

Creatures from the devastated planet Krypton brought destruction to Earth in the finale of Man of Steel: Superman (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon). The evil Zod was defeated and from now on the Man of Steel was either rejected as a god or – due to his power – condemned as a threat to all of humanity. Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Ben Affleck) sided with those who wanted to finally tame Superman. The Dark Knight – with the support of his butler Alfred (Jeremy Irons) – ensures order in Gotham City and is personally affected by the deadly effects of the gigantic battle.

He rebels against the powerful Superman, first verbally and then physically. But as Batman and Superman focus on each other, a new threat emerges that could bind them together, which is far from innocuous, young entrepreneurial genius Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). It’s time to put together the members of the heroic Justice League…

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Ultimate Edition Trailer DF

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