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Berlin’s green future: With this vision, 6th grader Reto, Hanzhang and Felix at Stechlinsee Primary School in Tempelhof-Schöneberg both applied to the Children’s Poster Competition 2022 and climbed to the highest podium. They defeated 1,500 students from all the districts of Berlin, who alone or together submitted 1,176 posters. The posters once again show the amazing creativity and inexhaustible ingenuity of the children of Berlin, who put their letters on paper in a variety of ways.

In the 8th wirBERLIN Sticker Contest, children between the ages of 6 and 12 were asked to create the logo “My house with the future!” To actively shape the future of their home and to dream up the futuristic images of the green neighborhood so that the message becomes clear to all Berliners – I’m designing #myhomewithafuture!

At the awards ceremony on Monday at the ALEXA shopping center in Berlin Jerash PetinaSenator for Environment, Mobility, Consumer Protection, Climate and Jury Members Patrick MullerGeneral Manager of Wall GmbH, Angela SunshineReuse and Zero Waste Management / BSR Environmental Education, Peter HymanBoard of Directors of PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg, Dr. Andrew Knirimdirector of the zoo in Berlin, Christina Richtereditor-in-chief Berliner Morgenpost, Thorsten WhitkeyProgram Manager 98.2 Radio Paradiso, Sissy GoodEDGE Technologies Associate Development Director Bate Ernstthe prefix wirBERLIN and Ann Sebald, Poster Contest Project Director, announced the placements for enthusiastic children, teachers and educators. Everyone has exciting gifts for kids. The highlight was the unveiling of the winning poster, which will be placed in the Berlin City District in the summer.

In addition, there are 150 selected stickers in the gallery of From June 27 to July 9 They can be seen in the ALEXA shopping center. Visitors have the opportunity to vote for their favorite audience. The exhibition is being held as part of the “ALEXA – LIVING CONSCIOUSLY” week campaign. From June 27 to July 3 it’s all about the themes of sustainability, recycling and conscious living. Visitors can look forward to inspiring presentations, unique hands-on activities, and a colorful theater program this weekend. Participation is free and possible without registration. With Business Week, ALEXA offers its stores and partners a platform to showcase their projects for greater sustainability. More information and the full program of the “ALEXA – LIVE CONSCIOUSLY” campaign can be found here: life/

Berlin TV tower turns green

With the winning poster, Felix, Rito and Hanzang see a green future for Berlin. The Berlin TV Tower stands on a green meadow and, in addition to many flowers, is also home to cows. The well-known view is surrounded by a futuristic-looking complex of several round towers. True to the motto of “My Home with the Future”, the roofs and facades are covered with plants and trees. The collection system directs rainwater from the roofs into the ground, creating a river that flows around the buildings and the TV tower. And if you look closely, you’ll also discover solar panels in the building that provide low-emissions energy. One thing is clear: Reducing pollution and living in harmony with nature are the cornerstones of a sustainable home!

Many artworks embrace solutions such as sustainable energy generation, green roofs, more urban nature and alternative mobility concepts that aim to make our homes more livable. There are also visionary posters depicting our city with tiny homes, solar-powered drones or zero-emission flying cars. An always popular element, surrounded by greenery and on which plants climb, are the Berlin TV Tower or the Brandenburg Gate.

“It is important for us not only to offer our guests excellent shopping, but also compelling events. That is why we are pleased to present this year’s wirBERLIN poster exhibition in our home.”And the says Oliver Hanna, director of the ALEXA Center. “The 150 exhibits show the diversity and imagination that Berlin children imagine and dream of their future home. The exhibition is sure to be an inspiring experience for our visitors.”

“Our growing city faces major future tasks. Building housing, mobility, and urban green spaces, as well as increasing average temperatures, droughts, particulates and CO2 pollution are challenges that Berlin must arm itself against. Solutions are needed to make the city more Flexibility in meeting these challenges and improving the residents’ quality of life. This has set the theme for this year’s competition and I am excited about the powerful visions for the future of our children in Berlin.”And the Says Beate Ernst, WirBERLIN initiated.

The high level of participation and imaginative posters show that the children of Berlin want to participate in the development of our city. The message is clear: our homes that have a future must be livable and environmentally friendly! ” Summarizes Ann Sebald, poster contest project manager at wirBERLIN. A total of 51 Berlin schools, children’s recreation facilities, clubs and daycare centers participated in the 2022 Children’s Poster Contest.We are delighted to be able to present over 150 meaningful posters for this year’s competition to Berliners at an exhibition. Vote for your favorite audience! “.

Other awards went to Tony from Fichtelgebirge Primary School (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg), Carolina and Juna from Tegelschen Ort Primary School (Reinickendorf), Alisa, Amelie, Noe, Elly and Jana from Stechlinsee Primary School (Tempelhof-Schöneberg) and to Elisa from Konrad School in Wannsee (Steglitz-Zehlendorf).

Since 2015, wirBERLIN has invited Berlin children to think about our city and its environment and design appropriate posters with an annual poster competition. Over 7,300 posters received so far show how children engage with topics in a creative manner and thus become serious ambassadors for tomorrow’s world.

Since 2011, wirBERLIN has been activating civic participation and shared responsibility for the appearance and quality of public spaces with the goal of empowering citizens with future issues and empowering them to act independently for a sustainable, eco-friendly and resource-saving lifestyle. To this end, wirBERLIN organizes projects and measures such as anti-litter campaigns, public dialogue, specialized discussions, environmental education for children and youth, and clean-up operations. wirBERLIN is the main initiator of the WORLD CLEANUP DAY BERLIN and the ALL IM FLUSS network for the protection and cleanliness of the waters of Berlin and its banks. /

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