Händlerbund launches “NFT Entry Ticket”

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
Händlerbund launches “NFT Entry Ticket”

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According to the theory, the Internet’s token will form the basis of an Internet featuring blockchain networks, Web 3.0. Against this backdrop, Händlerbund is venturing into a new territory and linking membership to a token that is traded on Opensea for ether.

The NFT serves as an entry ticket to Händlerbund.

(Photo: Händlerbund)

To clarify the term: NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is bought with cryptocurrencies, but it’s not in itself, but something like a digital object. This can be unique in nature, or it can exist in exactly this form (numbered sequentially), say 5,000 times in the digital world linked to the blockchain. Händlerbund is heading towards Web 3.0 these days, with 5,000 start-up NFTs serving as a ticket to an online community. Web 3.0 describes the next generation of the World Wide Web, which is permeated with blockchain and includes concepts such as decentralization, token-based economies, and cryptography.

A community of business on the Internet

Händlerbund (HB), an e-commerce network according to its own data with “more than 80,000 managed presences online,” wants to create an NFT-based community that “learns from each other, network, develops and uses potential, and drives synergies,” says Kai Kreibl, Head of Product at HB Campus.

Kai Krebel, Head of Product HB Campus
Kai Krebel, Head of Product HB Campus

(Photo: Händlerbund)

Online merchants, agencies, service providers in the electronic sector, students, founders and investors from the Internet sector are addressed. Specifically, work is underway on “exclusive master classes and special audits by industry professionals” for access code holders. There will be e-commerce events, early access options, sweepstakes and sweepstakes, among other things. “Community helps determine where we are going,” says Krebel. Regular online sessions, access to the HB Campus e-learning platform, training, awards and finally a joint business trip are also on the roadmap. “The community decides whether to take advantage of these promotions and opportunities,” says the product leader.

Web 3.0 instead of Membership Profile

For similar memberships, simple payment of subscriptions, membership numbers and bills in euros is typical in the industry. So why the new method?

Krebel: “NFTs are new, and educational work is needed. In this way, we unite the idea of ​​accompanying our community on its way to Web 3.0.” The key to entering this community certainly lies in each member’s wallet. “Together we want to benefit from the development and capabilities of the NFT and cryptocurrencies.” The Händlerbund employee is convinced that the exclusive community can be better represented by the NFT e-commerce.

Together we want to benefit from the development and potential around NFT and cryptocurrency.

Kai Krebel, Head of Product at HB Campus

0.45 Ether in OpenSi

On Opensea, a large NFT exchange, the ticket price is currently 0.45 Ether, which is currently around $480, not including gas fees, and transaction fees for the Ethereum blockchain. Initially, the price of ether should remain the same. “However, the focus of our project is on the community, so in order to create a level playing field for all, long-term adjustments cannot be ruled out,” says Krebel, aiming to bring about the sometimes highly volatile euro exchange rates for cryptocurrencies like Etherium. But: “The volatile exchange rate of a cryptocurrency is also a factor for the potential for value growth. The NFT price on Opensea is also regulated by the NFT market,” says Krebel. Finally, NFTs can be traded freely. Regardless of who owns a Händlerbund toke, “can participate in community events.” The first group is limited to 5000 tokens.

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