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The “wohnen bei uns” (wbu) platform will continue to participate in the partnership with the Internationaler Bund (IB), which has been around since 2011. In the Leipzig Room of the City Library, Board Member Rüdiger Kliebes of VLW United Leipziger Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG and Béla Hambuch, WOGETRA Board Member Wohnungsgenossenschaft Transport eG, has handed over a donation of €6000 to those responsible for the IB on behalf of wbu.

The five housing cooperatives in Leipzig BGL, Lipsia, UNITAS, VLW and WOGETRA support many offers for children and young people. “Especially in times of a lot of uncertainty and unpredictability, it is important for us to strengthen the anchor of stability,” says Rudiger Kleps when handing over the check.

Cooperatives value offerings as essential aspects of the city’s quality of life and social welfare. Financial support for IB projects is one component of active cooperative ownership.

Vicki Felthaus, Youth Mayor and Project Sponsor is pleased: “It is very important that companies make a financial commitment to children and youth and support projects that start directly with the individual child. I would like to thank the Leipzig Housing Cooperative for the donation. I wish the selected projects many happy experiences with children, their work It has great added value to our society.”

The scholarship supports various IB projects, such as the Leipzig Child Care Program. Since 2010, this has provided a special opportunity to provide individual support to children in difficult life situations. Currently, at least 60 voluntary sponsorships are supported each year.

Volunteer godparents meet with their son regularly for at least a year. You give time and attention and thus you can promote development. Volunteers plan sports and creative activities, trips, or help with learning. It is a voluntary and free offer. During the care period, participants are accompanied by educational content and joint activities.

This includes shared excursions, afternoons, sponsors’ meetings, and workshops, as well as educational and recreational activities. In total, more than 260 sponsorships have been achieved so far. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the demand for the individual support service has risen sharply, which is also evidenced by the number of more than 70 volunteers annually.

Furthermore, the platform wbu supports offerings in open child and youth work and social work at the international school. In the Open Leisure Clubs (OFT) Tante Hedwig, 50° Nordost and Engelsdorf, the program “Healthy and Conscious Nutrition” is carried out on a continuous basis with money. This includes weekly food shows such as cooking, baking and urban gardening all together. With Conscious Shopping Awareness, the topic is playfully integrated into the participants’ awareness.

Throughout the year, various creative, adventurous, and leisure educational activities can also be carried out for special needs, high school and elementary students. Donations make available for dispute resolution workshops, social learning demonstrations, adventure shows with CityKids, and introductory days for German as a second language classes.

In addition, projects related to participation and social orientation are supported in the regions. At OFT Engelsdorf, a mirror wall will be installed in the sports room for regular hip-hop dance studios. At OFT 50° Nordost, the focus is on Flinta*Space: this is a girls’ room that visitors can design and set up according to their own needs.

Support also includes ongoing work with girls and boys in OFTs and school social work (eg self-defense courses for girls or summer camp for girls and autumn camp for boys). This brings the donation to more than 250 additional children and youth each year.

Carrier information:

With more than 14,000 employees, the Internationale Bund (IB) is one of the largest service providers in the field of youth, social work and education in Germany. Its guiding principle is “Strengthening Humanity”.

IB Mitte gGmbH Education and Social Services (IB Mitte gGmbH) is a non-profit subsidiary of the registered association and employs more than 2,300 people in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

Childcare Leipzig is a program of the IB Mitte gGmbH and was founded in 2010.

Information about educational social projects:

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