Sarah Engels: This is what you say about Pietro Lombardi’s new love

Sarah Engels
This is what you say about Pietro Lombardi’s new love

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Celebrity news for the day in GALA tape: Here’s what Sarah Engels says about Pietro Lombardi’s new love +++ Rebecca Meir and Massimo Senato celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary on The Net Show.

Celebrity news for the day in the GALA bar:

June 28, 2022

Here’s what Sarah Engels says about Pietro Lombardi’s new love

It’s no secret that Sarah Engels, 29, and ex-Petro Lombardi, 30, get along very well and have become something of like friends. Sarah has always been happy with her husband Julian Engels (formerly Bucher), 29, with whom she has a daughter for a few months. Pietro also reorientated himself with some initial difficulties in love. Try again with Laura Maria. The influencer conquered not only the heart of the singer, but also the heart of Pietro and the son of Sarah Alessio.

But what does Pietro’s ex-husband say about his new love? In an interview with “Bunte” Sarah found nothing but good words for Pietro and his girlfriend: “Of course there are also phases where we feel for each other or where it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. But in the end I hope and I envy him from the bottom of my heart that he finds the woman There for life. I think it’s good for him to have a woman by his side who will lead him a little and show him the way.”

27 June 2022

Rebecca Meir and Massimo Senato celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary

Although Rebecca Meir, 30, and Massimo Senato, 41, are considered a real couple, there have been rumors of a separation in recent weeks. Reason: The two barely posted two photos on social media, which their followers rated as disturbing. But recently the couple appeared together for Raffaello’s summer day and a little later enjoyed a vacation in Sicily, where their one-year-old son finally met the Papa Massimo family. Now at the latest, the couple clears up speculation about an affair.

Because today, the presenter and the dancer celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary. For this special occasion, the “Let’s Dance” star posts two romantic snapshots of her big day, with Rebecca and Massimo basking in each other’s arms. He writes “7 Years” adding an emoji for the episode. Their fans are also happy and shower the two of them with kind words. “Congratulations and many more years to come,” is just one of many enthusiastic comments.

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Princess Boucher is upset by influencers who show their children online

Amira Bucher, 29, and Oliver Bucher, 44, make no secret of their opinion that parents should not show their children online. The two regularly campaign about it on their Instagram accounts, vetting influencers and reprimanding them for their behavior when they deem it necessary.

In an interview with Marilyn Lovin, 51, on Saturday 1 Breakfast TV, the mother of two explained why the topic was important to her: “[…] You are simply taking away the child’s right to privacy. The child does not yet have any media skills, he does not even know what the Internet is and where the photos can end. “We saw with our own eyes where they could end up,” says the 29-year-old. Especially since Internet stars are not interested in sharing sweet snapshots of their everyday family life now and then: “I don’t do the child any good. It only benefits the parents. Any access, likes, advertising contracts … In my opinion, this is irresponsible, ”the upset.

But how does a princess react when her close friends sometimes share photos of their sons online – like Pietro Lombardi, 30? She defends the singer, “He decided at least a year or two ago not to show him from the front anymore.” She thinks it’s “really cool and powerful” that the 30-year-old decided to do it and is now going through it – even if you can still see Alessio at the expense of his ex, Sarah Engels, 29.

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