A space for children in Kalu: the free evangelical school plans to build a new kindergarten – Kalu

A new kindergarten will be built behind the Free Evangelical School in Kalo. Photo: Frit

Calw is growing – and with it the need for childcare. So it happens when exactly a new residential area is created – in the area behind the Evangelical Free School – where the latter is already planning a kindergarten.

Calw – In the Weidensteige district of Calw, some things are likely to change in terms of population in the coming years. For example, in Weiherstraße there was and still is much construction; There must also be a large area between Weidensteige and Stammheimer Steige called Elbenweg, which is named after the small street that branches off from Weidensteige there. As many as 202 housing units could be built there one day.

Elbenweg . development

According to the documents of the recent meeting of the City of Kalu Building and Environment Committee, there are currently no “concrete planning and development considerations for Kaluwer Field, as this development area is also called. So far, this has been postponed “until the southeast bypass road is completed” – because “ Due to restricted traffic conditions in Langen Steige/Weidensteige the area will be developed across the southeast corridor. Whether the latter will be completed before 2030 is at least questionable.

In any case, one thing is for sure: the area around Weidensteige will see a lot of population growth in the coming years. This also requires the necessary infrastructure. In addition to roads, water connections, and the like, this also includes childcare options.


Free Evangelical School North Black Forest (FESN) wants to offer such opportunities in the future. This is planning to build a kindergarten with at least two groups (U3 group and Ü3 group, possibly with all day operation) with – for the time being – one floor next to the school building in Weidensteige. According to the concept, this kindergarten could later be expanded with two additional blocks by adding a second floor, Bernd Brandl, President of FESN, explained at a recent committee meeting. Volker Hornlein, the school’s head of administration, spoke of a “city show” to “complete the daycare center scene”. “It’s not about our thoughts,” Hornlein emphasized. The construction should be based on the needs of the city.


In order for FESN to implement the project, it first needs the necessary property that is still owned by the city. Its area is about 1,600 square meters in which, in addition to the kindergarten, more space is created for open spaces (school yard and parking spaces). The municipal council had already approved the sale in principle about a year ago, “provided that an initial draft is submitted to the administration and municipal bodies for the use of the area that can be approved,” the documents said.

This also has to do with the fact that the area is located in the area of ​​the future planned residential district of Elbenweg. “However, no limitations or defects are foreseen for subsequent development from the sale of the proprietary portion of Coupon 750,” the report continues. In this regard, the Construction and Environment Committee finally took note and approved the concept of use.

By the way, if FESN buys the property, then it must be built on it within three years. In the city of Kalo, there was an offer to build its own areas that will be sold for a number of years. With this basic regulation, the city wants to prevent vacant plots in the future and put an end to real estate speculators.

traffic condition

“You can’t complain too much,” said Ermild Mansfield (Noe Leste Kalou) of the project. In general, it is a “categorical concept”. But she described the traffic around the school as “extremely risky” because the volume of vehicles “will definitely increase” due to the presence of a kindergarten in this area. So far, the site is not safe for children to access, and there are no crossing aids or zebra crossing. So something has to be done there. FESN President Brandel responded that they were aware of this as well. He and Mayor Florian Kling made it clear that there are already considerations or plans for how to defuse traffic in this area.

Fees and Financing

Udo Raisch (CDU) wanted to know how high childcare fees are and what FESN expects from the city. Principal Hörnlein explained that negotiations are currently underway with the city’s Department of Education, with FESN striving to be included in the community of needs with the new kindergarten. If this is done, it means on the one hand that the fees are based on those charged by the city. On the other hand, the mayor added, it would also mean that the city would take on 90 percent of the facility’s deficit. As is well known, childcare is usually an act of support. In return, FESN undertakes to receive children from Kalo.

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