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Vacation Finally – But Where Do We Put the Dog?

Not every vacation spot is a canine dream destination. The owners see that, too. But instead of rescheduling, many prefer alternate accommodations for their four-legged friends. However, pension places are scarce – also due to the increase in the number of pets.

Because of Corona, the illegal trade with puppies is booming

Small, cute, fluffy, loyal companion in lockdown – since the start of the Corona pandemic, the demand for puppies has skyrocketed. Criminal traders also benefit from this. Recently, 70 purebred puppies were accidentally discovered in North Rhine-Westphalia.

DrThe love of roaming two years after the pandemic is also leaving its mark on dog owners. But instead of vacationing with your four-legged friend, it seems that the longing for animal-free relaxation is suddenly all too common. Animal houses feel this clearly, they can hardly save themselves from inquiries.

“Aside from the few places left, we’re fully booked until October,” says Jennifer Sonnendiker of the Mosel Dogs hotel in Schweich, Rhineland-Palatinate. Animal pension operator Michael Wahl in Kleinplattersdorf, Saarland, also reported hundreds of calls. The 22 kennels are allotted for the next few weeks and for the whole of August.

“We have so many new customers that we had to tell our regular customers to book quickly or the seats would be gone,” says daughter-in-law Lisa Wahl. Barbara Krause was lucky. She is relieved that her two French Bulldogs are staying at her favorite kennel. “I’m so glad I found her accommodation for our vacation,” she says. Until now, the two eight-year-old bitches had always come, but a week in the south of France turned out to be too hot for them.

Simply put, there are more dogs since Corona

Jennifer Sonnendecker explains the rush primarily by the fact that many people bought a dog during the pandemic, and many also got another. “There are just more dogs,” she says. It is also conceivable that today’s owners prefer holiday destinations without their four-legged friend more than in the past.

These two dogs found a place at Wahl’s famous pet facility

Source: dpa-tmn

Andreas Lindig, from the German Animal Welfare Association in the Rhineland-Palatinate, is surprised: “The natural way is actually to take the dog with you on vacation. It is a herd animal, after all, and the herd is a family.”

However, Lindig refused to take the dog on a trip and put him in custody. “This is very stressful for the animals,” he says. In his opinion, as a dog owner, you should mainly think about “whether my dog ​​is so worth to me that I plan a vacation in such a way that the destination is easily accessible by car”.

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However, if you can’t or don’t want to take your dog with you, Frederick Guldner of Tierschutzverein 1924 Saarbrücken advises you leave your four-legged friend with friends or relatives. or in a pension. However, you should definitely look at the facilities beforehand and leave the animals there to test to see how they behave and if they feel comfortable.

The animal should also enjoy the holiday

If you decide to take your dog with you on vacation, then you should definitely plan enough rest periods for the trip and, depending on the destination of travel, take care of the appropriate vaccinations and a European passport for the pet in advance. If you have so-called menu dogs, you should also know the legal regulations beforehand. “There are countries where crossing is prohibited as well,” Goldner says.

Of course, a beach vacation in the Netherlands is ideal for some dogs, but southern countries are not mainly suitable for animals either. In the end, it always depends on the individual dog and how sensitive they are to heat.

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According to Andreas Lindig, vacation should always be planned in such a way that “the dog benefits too.” With four-legged friends, who always go to the cold tiles in the house, you should think carefully about whether you really want to take them to hotter areas.

The animal rights activist says he understands people who regularly vacation in the Maldives. “Then I should put off owning a dog until it fits better with my philosophy of life,” recommends Lindig. You don’t have to do without dog contact: You can help out overburdened animal shelters and go for a walk with the dogs now and then.

The German Animal Welfare Association offers more information about holidays with pets on its website.

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