Summer heat: how to support animals with a bird bath for the balcony and garden

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Bird bath for balcony and garden: how to find the right water point

Whether in the garden, on the veranda, or on the porch: The water points that people create are vital to birds, especially during long periods of drought.

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Not only we humans, but many local birds also suffer from the summer heat. The problem: tits, sparrows and the like often don’t get a chance to quench their thirst in nature. Everyone can help with bird baths on the balcony or terrace.

Year after year in summer, the Nature Conservation Union (NABU) appeals to people in Germany to set up bird baths. When it’s dry and hot for several weeks, sparrows, blackbirds, grouse, and many other native bird species experience severe water shortages. Rescue pools are then scarce and the surface of the water is often out of reach. Other natural water wells dry up quickly during long periods of heat. It is very important to have one on the balcony, porch or in the allotment garden bird bath for the place. In the following article, you will find out what is suitable for this and what you should pay attention to when creating a birdbath.

Balcony or balcony: how to find the right model

In principle, a flat bowl, flower vase plate, or soup plate will do. But if you want to give the birds in your area more comfort when drinking (and spraying around), you should look for a bird bath. First of all, it is important to know where to install the water point. Balconies are made for birds so you can see and get close to the drinking bowl Flying pigeon with hanging device Or a way to attach it to the balcony railing makes sense. On the other hand, for the terrace or the garden, there are variants of setup or connection, for example with one ground height or Erection, on me. When buying a bird bath, make sure the bowl is a little deeper in the middle than at the edge. In this way, it not only allows the “poultry” a bio-bath for birds, but also gives larger birds the opportunity to rejuvenate.

It is also important for birds to have a safe ground when landing, drinking and taking off. Soak with a rough surface, such as from mudOr clay or natural stone are ideal. However, utensils made of glass, porcelain, or stainless steel should be steered clear of.

In short: 5 tips for buying a bird bath

  • The drinking bowl should have a flat edge
  • If possible with a slope towards the middle (2-10 cm)
  • Avoid glazed bowls or stainless steel drinking bowls (risk of slipping)
  • Check mounting options
  • Shells should be easily removable.

Once you have found the right bird bath, follow an equally important step. No matter how beautiful and comfortable the birdbath is, if the birds do not accept it, then it is useless. This leads to the first big clue: The bird bath should be clearly visible, especially on the balcony, but also safe from cats. Neighboring trees and shrubs are ideal for brushing feathers after a long shower. But if it is too close to the balcony, then cats, for example, have an easy time. In addition, birds may feel threatened and not even dare to fly to the drinking bowl. Once the birds accepted the mustache, the first hurdle was taken. But they must stay. And they do this only if their drink is refreshed regularly. In other words, the water should be changed daily and the bird bath should be cleaned. Background is salmonella and other pathogens that wander in the water and multiply rapidly and can cause diseases. Chemicals are not required when cleaning a bird bath on the balcony. Experts from NABU recommend boiling water.

Practical tips: you should pay attention to this when preparing

  • Set up a bird bath where it is easy to see
  • Avoid being near bushes or something like that
  • Change the water daily
  • Do not hang or place in full sun
  • Disinfect bird tanks regularly (with boiling water)

If a bird bath isn’t enough and if you’d like to offer more help to the local birds, you can also make a feeding station, hang a nesting box, and plant your porch or front yard in a variety of ways. This attracts insects and thus birds.

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