These losers show their love for sports in podcasts

In their podcast “VERLIEBT in Sport” two losers discuss sporting events in and around Olbachstadt.

Verl (matt) – Verl has had their own sports podcast for a few weeks. It’s called “in love with sports”. An eighth edition is currently available. Its creators are Robin Fochance and Torsten Nothling. In about 45 minutes, they get a personal look at the city’s local sporting events each week.

“I like listening to podcasts while jogging”

“That’s pretty comprehensive” — especially given the small town’s population, says Robin Fochance. The coach of the Women’s Handball League at TV Verl came up with the idea for the podcast. “I listen to a lot of podcasts, especially when I’m running,” says the 30-year-old, who describes himself as a fan of the increasingly popular medium.

“The sports scene has more to offer than just football and handball.” But it couldn’t be done without it: The rugged cup youth tournaments, in which the E-Youth of SC Verl defended the title, would be their seventh straight tackle first. Nöthling and Voßhans remember David Beckham’s recreational visit in 2015, which raged like wildfire, especially among women in Olbachstadt.

Bicycle accident and triple athlete success on the list of issues

Meanwhile, Voßhans and Nöthling philosophize about SC Verl’s squad planning, as the duo take a critical look at the bike accident at the triathlon in Marienfeld. They look back on the successful start of the Verler trio in the regional league, who got off to a great start to the season with eighth place out of 18 teams.

The latest lecture by extreme mathematician Jonas Deichmann is also worth noting. “A cool guy,” says Nöthling of extreme athletes.

In the long run, the duration of the programs should be reduced

The fact that Younes El Aynaoui, a former top 20 player, served in the Men’s 50 Counts match against the Blau Weiss Coil in the Westphalian League, should not be missing, nor should the reference to the 24-hour swim in DLRG last weekend. Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Firler Rescuers.

Podcast Runtime 45 Minutes: This seems long at first. “And to be honest, it’s too long for me,” says Thorsten Nöthling. He insists he prefers having an airtime of around 20 minutes. “Above all, we want to tell the story of the events,” confirms Werler, who studied at the German Sports University in Cologne.

The podcasters are still exploring the technical scope of the medium

This can be a clip, an audio message, or a short interview. The possibilities are almost unlimited. But Voßhans and Nöthling also want to investigate other questions. Two of them: how is baseball calculated and how does the lifeguard relay work?

Robin Fochance and Torsten Nothling are currently still exploring the technical scope of the podcast medium. In her view, the “In Love with Sports” podcast should offer an alternative to traditional sports reporting.

“It can create closeness and personal connection through authentic audio footage”

“Because we can create a personal closeness and connection through the original soundtrack,” Fochans says. Podcasters cannot avoid daily newspapers and thus professionally prepared information as a basis for research. In their conversations, the moderators casually pass balls to each other.

Given his experience in moderation, Nöthling found it easier than Voßhans, who operates the technology while recording. There is no cut. The broadcast should be heard as a so-called live recording, as a recording of one piece.

Over 200 listeners are currently listening

The local digital sports magazine is already listed on streaming services like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Reach more than 200 listeners instantly. “Our dream is to have a regular quota of 500 people,” Foshans says.

The two record podcasts every Tuesday. The online sports talk is usually on the evening of the same day.

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