wood hat.

wood hat. The association “Tiere in Not Chemnitz” eV, founded in 1999, helps – 8,000 cats, a few dogs and more than 2,000 rodents and birds have already been adopted. Animal rights activists not only give a second home to abandoned creatures, but also take in animals that, for various reasons, are no longer allowed to live with their original owners. A new home is now being arranged for these four-legged friends and exotic animals via the association.

multi-faceted function

The “naked” care and mediation does not do justice to the work of animal lovers. The staff also takes care of sacrificing themselves with the medical treatment of many animals. In addition to the animals living in the shelter, many feeding stations of the so-called “strays”, that is, free-living cats, are also maintained. In order to reduce the number of street cats, castration is necessary here. Unfortunately, intervention is usually too late, which means that a large number of pregnant cats must be caught each year. This can be prevented by early neutering.

Two-legged friends can benefit, too: the association, in collaboration with veterinarians and other organizations, provides information on breeding and caring for species-appropriate animals.

care and support

Financing is not always easy. Due to inflation and rising energy prices, managing operating costs has become a fear of the future.

Only €45,000.00 is incurred annually to cover veterinary costs. This also applies to animals that are no longer suitable for adoption and are allowed to spend the rest of their lives in so-called permanent foster homes. Then a sponsor is sought for these four-legged friends who will support them with their care. In general, the Society relies on donations and is most grateful when animal lovers support us with small donations of money, food donations or social commitment. The latter concerns, for example, taking care of animals on the weekends, handiwork, carrying out transfers, and supporting campaigns to hunt free-living cats.

You can find more information at: https://www.tierasyl-chemnitz.de/verein.htm