Brandenburg Family Compass: Summer Vacation – What offers are there for children and youth in Pisko and the surrounding area?

Whether it’s paintball, nature education, swimming trips or go karting, there are inexpensive supervised recreational activities for every age and every taste in Beeskow and the surrounding area. There are limited places for some shows, so early registration is essential. Other excursion destinations invite spontaneous visits.

Corn maze and supervised play

Irrlandia near Storkow will be offering various promotions throughout the holiday period, starting from the start of the holiday on July 7. Every day you are invited to educational adventure games and crafts. The full program can be found here. There is actually the first significant event on July 9, the “first big fugitive day” of the year, when the corn maze opens.

The complete program at the Weather Museum

The well-known weather museum in Lindenberg also works hard for the holidays and beyond. From July 7 to September 8, the special summer holiday season invites family tours, hands-on experiences, and performances, plus weather balloon launches and climate change tours Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. More information can be found here. Visitors are asked to register by phone at 033677 62521.

Guided nature tours

With Unique Adventure Days, Burg Storkow has created an extensive summer vacation program, which brings children aged 7-12 into nature as part of supervised excursions. The cost of various excursions of two hours varies between 2 and 4 euros.

On Tuesday 12 July, the first round into the inner sand dunes begins with a ranger showing the children: “The desert is life.” The meeting point is opposite the Alter Weinberg restaurant. On Wednesday, July 13, we continue to introduce beekeeper Holger Ackermann, each following week, two different flights are offered.

Holger Ackermann with beekeeping utensils on beehives in his private garden.

Holger Ackermann with beekeeping utensils on beehives in his private garden.
© Photo: Elk Lang

Above all, the focus is on nature and crafts, such as exploration tours of the castle moat, to the beaver family or when working with clay. Registrations are accepted by phone at 033678 73108 and by email at Parents are advised to provide drinks, provisions, pocket money, swimwear and sun protection. More information about the holiday program at Burg Storkow can be found here.

Romp and beekeeper in adventure farm

In Beeskow, many organizations offer a focused vacation program. Young children are invited to the AWO Adventure Farm Playground from July 11-21 and August 8-19 to de-stress. A box of cat food is requested upon entry.

Awo-Erlebnishof in Beeskow starts again after Corona - great fun activities for schoolchildren - this is how you get free places

On Mondays July 11, July 18, August 8 and August 15, Biene Willi looks forward to visitors aged 10-12 to learn something about the world of bees and beekeeping. Entrance costs €7, and visitors are asked to register at Beekeepers Mine in advance at 03366 26153. More information is available here.

Four Wednesdays at Pisco Castle

Those who cannot participate in beekeeping tours in the Erlebnishof also have the opportunity at the Oder-Spree Museum at Beeskow Castle. The museum offers four free workshops during the holidays. We kick off Wednesday, July 13th, with an insight into fishing. Children from the age of eight, along with the trap fisherman, discover how to catch fish from the Spree. The Beekeepers Association will be held on Wednesday 20 and Wednesday 27 July. On August 17, kids can sculpt kitchen utensils by themselves. Pre-registration is required and is possible under 03366 352727. More information is available here.

Teaching nature and children’s pottery

During the holidays, the DRK office offers pottery appointments for children from six to twelve years old and nature education and crafts for children between three and six years old. Children’s Pottery takes place from July 12th to August 16th every Tuesday from 3pm-4pm and 4pm-5pm. On Wednesday, July 13, people are invited to do crafts at the same times as on August 10. On Saturdays July 23, July 30 and August 6, Nature Education is invited. For more information and registration, please call the Family Center at 03366 153019.

Great program from the women’s shop

If you are a fan of excursions and enjoy good company, then you should contact the women’s store in Pisco. In July, it offers a full program of activities Monday through Friday, July 11-29. The costs range from zero to six euros. Each week there is an activity dedicated to creative work, such as pouring candles, doing crafts or cooking. A swimming trip to Mulrose is also scheduled.

The lido in Müllrose is an accessible alternative to the enclosed Helenesee.

The lido in Müllrose is an accessible alternative to the enclosed Helenesee.
© Photo: Winfried Moslev

Trips are planned to further afield, such as the Berlin Zoo or the Wendisch-Rietz theme park. Get sporty with mini golf, bowling or other outdoor games. The full program can be found on the Women’s Democratic League’s Facebook page. For more information and registrations, contact 03366 20393.

Work and travel with Pier-13

Children and youth from 10 years old can use the youth team house at Pier 13 as a meeting place from 12:00 to 18:00. These range from day-to-day activities like archery with Knight Henneberg for €3 on the 8th of July to multi-day youth vacations.

Bauwagen has become a relaxing corner for Beeskow youth

From July 9 to 16 there will be a hiking tour with an overnight stay in a houseboat in Mulrose for €75. From July 18 to 21, young people can participate in the graffiti project overnight in the house of Pier 13. From July 23 to 30, there is the possibility of participating in a one-week youth exchange in Montreuil-Juigné in France for 100 euros.

From 26 to 29 July there will be a hunting camp in Leißnitz for 30 euros. In August, the club also offers other daily activities such as paintball or a swim trip. The Pier-13 team can be reached by email at or by phone at 03366 5207750 for the full program and necessary pre-registrations.

Stories and games

Changing themed story and game activities will take place every Monday during the holidays at the Kupferschmiede from 10 am to 11:30 am. On July 11th, Superhero Morning for 6 year olds begins. This will be followed by the themes of Maker Kids – how the 3D printer works, innovative inventions, a trip across Europe, making the new out of the old and delicious – healthy eating. Registrations can be made by phone at 03366 152174 or by email at Participation fee is 50 cents.

Tropical excursion with the city of Pisco

The town of Beeskow itself also offers a mini excursion for the holiday season. For 15 euros, children and 30 euros for adults can board the Hammamet bus on July 21 on a combined excursion for up to 49 participants to the tropical islands. Registration is possible by phone at 03366 42212 or by email

Summer vacation - what offers are there for children and young people in Strasberg and the surrounding area?

How family friendly is Brandenburg? How good are schools, how safe are streets for children? How do the people of Brandenburg see the future prospects for their children in the region? To this end, we are launching a large survey on family friendship on Here you can participate in our family compass until July 10 and win a trip to the Baltic Sea.

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