Girls names for summer

It is Summer! Did you know statistically that most children are Between July and September Boy? So the idea of ​​giving your little one a summertime first name is obvious! You will find a wonderful collection with us Beautiful-sounding girl names perfect for summer. We’ve already got delicious juice sprays and lounge chairs and make ourselves comfortable – here are our favorites.

Why we love summer girl names so much

Summer girls’ names represent a great season: We confidently store our jackets in the back of our wardrobes and are curious how often the sun tempts us outside.

When everything smells like sunscreen and watermelon and then offspring is born, it’s time Summer First Name frankly on.

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Summer girl names and their meaning


When you think of summer, do you think of flowering gardens? Then the first name can be a “blossom”Well Blossom, it will go well with your daughter.


We all love to vacation on a beautiful island in the summer, so what do you think about this island norwegian name Hulma – How much “island dweller” You know?


from the so-called Hittite myths The beautiful first name comes Inara. This sets goddess of patron animals. Translated from the Basque language, the word Inara also means “Sun rays” Thus it describes something that we definitely associate with summer.


this is Japanese name Fits your little girl if she was born in early or late summer. Because “Koharu” means both “late summer” Beside “Little Spring”.


If you close your eyes and think of summer, you might get “small waterfall” In the mountains in summer. In this case, this link will make the shortcut, but no less beautiful, from celtic Lynn’s first name.


If you love your little girl Greenland sun goddess Want to call, first name Malina is something for you. By the way, in Slavic Malina means “Raspberry” This is also perfect for summer.


Marisol is one of those Spanish first names For girls, which is also becoming more and more popular in this country. Derived from “mar y sol” you can use Marisol with it “Maryam and Shams” or with “The sea and the sun” translates.


This gender-neutral first name is perfect for you if you are giving birth to your little girl in the water or on a ship. Because then it will be the sweetest meaning “I was born in the sea” Fits perfectly.


This Japanese first name suits the warm season in the truest sense of the word. Because when you name your little girl Natsuko, her name is like A “summer kid”.


If you like nature and spaciousness Ocean Love, sooner or later you will definitely end up with the first name Ocean.


With Padma, you can choose one Indian first namesand for “Lotus flower” denote it.

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