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Friday August 12, 2022 at 12:25 pm until

1:10 pm

Nurse Chris Haas meets Issa Feldman in front of a club. Soon, I felt nauseous. Her condition deteriorated so rapidly that Chris took her to the Sachsen Clinic. There Martin Stein found out that Issa was pregnant. She had a one-night stand with Pascal a few weeks ago, and she hasn’t forgotten about it since. Unfortunately, Pascal escaped and was never heard from again. Chris supports Issa because she is miserable in every way. Not only is she overwhelmed with pregnancy, but she also suffers from a very severe form of morning sickness. Then Pascal comes to the clinic and confesses his infatuation with it. But then Issa suffered an epileptic fit and lost consciousness.

an actress

Dieter Bellmann
Like Professor Gernot Simonyi

Thomas Roman
As Dr. Roland Hellmann

Hendrickji Fitz
Like Bea Hellman

johannes steak
As Dr. Achim Kreutser

Andrea Katherine Luig
As Dr. Catherine Globusch

jota kaman
As Head Nurse Ingrid Reschke

Alexa Maria Sorholt
as Sarah Marquardt

Ursula Carusette
Like Charlotte Goose

Fred Delmar
Like Friedrich Steinbach

Thomas Koch
As Dr. Philip Brentano

Cheryl Shepherd
As Dr. Elena Eichhorn

Arzo Bazman
Like Sister Arzo

Utah Shorn
Like Barbara Gregolet

Stephen Dore
Vlady nurse

Maren Gelzer
as Yvonne’s sister

Lutz Schaefer
as an emergency doctor

Tom Pauls
Like Otmar Wolf

Karsten Cohen
Like Jacob Hellmann

Anthony Petrivke
as Jonas Hellmann

Alyssa Young
Like Alina Hellman

Jan Drager
Like Luke Globisch

Bastian Guhela
Like Bastian Marquardt

Heidemarie Wenzel
Like Eva Globusch

Bernard Petermann
As Dr. Martin Stone

Steve Wrzyszniewski
Like Sebastian Meyer

Rolf Becker
Like Otto Stein

Udo Schenk
As Dr. Rolf Kaminsky

Ina Rudolph
Like Maya Dietz

Martin Halm
Like Nicholas Claassen

Matthew Kueberlin
Like Sebastian Meyer

Joachim Kreiser
Like Achim Kreuzer

Gunter Schuss
Like Thomas Straub

Axel Wandky
as d barak

Rinat Krusner
Like Clara Hellman

Gunter Neumann
as Otto Hellmann

Gunter Schuss
as d dirt

tao li ma
Like Sister Tina

Holger Damgen
Like Achim Kreuzer

oh zerby
as d conrad

Tobias Nath
As Dr. David Campy

Johann Lucas Secret
Like Bastian Marquardt

Luca Zamperoni
like Freddy Kerr

Henrietta Zemeck
like Marie Stein

Monica Lennarts
as Louise Brenner

Even Demetroder
Like Benjamin Wittenberg

Iris Boom
Like Christina Buchmann

Ella Zerzo
Like Lisa Schroth

Doris Kunstmann
Like Hildegard Marquardt


Jürgen Breuer

Peter Wickworth

Matthew Luther

selino white lead


Frank Buchner

Oh Reuters

Jürgen Heimlich

Author (screenplay)
Editorial Board

Philip Fonger

Editor in Chief

Verena Kollenkampf

Author (screenplay)

wolfram bayer

Michael Ferdinand


Peter Bird

Author (screenplay)

Frank Gottardi

Author (screenplay)

Paul Vincent Junia

Oliver Junia

Author (screenplay)

Bernard Stephen

Klaus Jendris


JJ Gerndt

Author (screenplay)

Peter Hill

Author (screenplay)

Kurt Uckermüller

Author (screenplay)

Jürgen Weber

Author (screenplay)
Editorial Board

Lutz Muller

Author (screenplay)
Editorial Board

Rainer Manell


Yurik Yaruga

Author (screenplay)

Esther Wenger

Author (screenplay)

Knut Steinert


Bettina Brown

Richard Engel


Author (screenplay)

Kai Ove Schulenberg

Dieter Welch


Olaf Goetz


Christopher Popeck

Author (screenplay)
Editorial Board

Schulte Killinghouse, Diana

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