Only every fourth Berlin dog is entered into the dog registry

Grace period expires

Only every fourth Berlin dog is entered into the dog registry

DBA / Christine Klose

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In fact, dog owners in Berlin have been forced to enroll their four-legged friends in the new dog registry since the beginning of the year. The transition period ends on July 1st and fines are threatened – but most dogs remain unregistered.

From July 1, every dog ​​in Berlin must be entered into a new dog registry. However, only about 33,000 dogs have been registered so far – out of 123,915 four-legged friends currently registered for tax purposes in the capital.

The Senate Department of Environment, Mobility, Consumer and Climate Protection has released these numbers upon request. This means that about every fourth dog is entered into the dog registry. “This gap must now be closed as quickly as possible,” says the Senate administration.

‘It’s about animal welfare’

The new registry aims to make it easier to match lost dogs with their owners. In addition, there should be a better overview of how many dogs are kept in which county and which ones are also breed – in order that additional dog training areas can be established.

“It’s about animal welfare and the good coexistence of humans and animals,” says Minister of State for Consumer Protection Markus Kamrad (The Greens). The Berlin FDP is in strict accordance with the new dog registry. “She takes care of animal lovers in Berlin without any added value,” says Sebastian Zaga, leader of the parliamentary group of the Free Democratic Party. The dog registry should be canceled immediately.

The registry is also not well received by many dog ​​owners. Many complain that their animals are already registered for tax purposes and are therefore registered with the tax office. In February, there was a demonstration by opponents of the new regulation in front of the Red City Hall. In the plenary session of the House of Representatives, the FDP wants to discuss the topic again after the parliamentary summer recess.

Online registration costs 17.50 EUR

Since the beginning of the year, dog owners in Berlin have been required to register their dogs in the Central Register. Because this has only happened with great reluctance so far, the responsible Senate administration has allowed a transition period until July 1st. “It’s serious now,” says Foreign Minister Kamrad.

Anyone who does not register their dog commits an administrative offense and risks a fine of up to €10,000. However, there will be no additional “bello strips” from district offices to monitor the new regulation and collect fines. Above all, the Senate administration is focused on influencing dog owners during inspections, for example after biting incidents.

The cost of registering a dog is €17.50 online and €26.50 by mail. The exceptions are recipients of social benefits such as the ALG II and owners of assistance dogs such as guide dogs. In order to further promote the new registry, the Senate administration has begun a poster campaign for veterinary practices.

Dog owners are fools here.

However, the headwinds remain: the leader of the FDP parliamentary group Sebastian Zaga is convinced: “Anyone who has not registered their dog before will not do so now either.” Czaja points to Germany’s already highest tax on dogs in Germany: “The dog owners are the fools here.” Nearly 20,000 people have signed a petition against the dog registry on the platform.

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