Rapper Cro and Timeless Investments Launch Project NFT

Cro x Timeless: From artwork to NFT collection

In March of this year, Cro and investment platform Timeless encoded the world’s first fragmentary artwork, “Michelle.” Carlito NFT’s subsequent collection includes a total of 1,000 individual digital artwork that can be used as profile pictures and as artwork in the rooms of the Metaverse.

All NFTs are unique interpretations of Michele’s artwork and are the result of a global artist collective collaboration of over a dozen artists, designers and 3D artists. Also present: The rising star of the German art scene, Tim Bengel.

Tim Bengel NFTs are part of the Carlito Group

29-year-old artist Tim Bengal is best known for his gold-and-sand collage, which he shares with the public via social media. Benjel recently made headlines by producing the world’s most expensive avocado beagle – a tribute to millennials.

His Golden Avocado Bread has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Now the artist has also created NFTs for the Cro x Timeless NFT collection, which will be available July 7, 2022.

With the NFT Mint from the NFT Collection, everyone gets a chance to hold one of the eight NFTs by Tim Bengel, two of his NFTs to be held by the artist himself:

My analog artworks feature the combination of gold and sand and their special feel. This is what I quoted in NFTs and incorporated an organic “herbal” structure. Working with Carlito and Timeless inspired me to work in the digital space.

Tim bungee

Facilities: From concert tickets to co-creation sessions

In addition to Tim Bengel’s digital business, Cro NFT Group offers its owners integrated utilities developed specifically for the Cro community. Within the Cro NFT collection, among other things, exclusive concert invitations, a behind-the-scenes look at creative processes, secret art and, randomly assigned clothing drops, await contributors. There is also a separate Discord community all related to the artist, where exclusive content and news about NFTs are regularly shared with NFT holders.

Timeless investments: NFTs, sneakers and luxury cars from €50

Cro’s collaboration partner – Timeless Investments platform – is pursuing the mission of democratizing luxury investments with its app. Since its launch in February 2021, Timeless has coded more than 200 collectibles, lowering the barriers to entering the rare collectibles market. Starting at €50, users can buy shares in rare collectibles such as watches, sneakers or NFTs and participate in their performance.

The company also does a lot of work for you when it comes to knowledge and experience. Because it is concerned with exploring the assets as well as preserving, securing and taking care of them until they are resold.

Carlito NFT Collection will be launched on July 7

With the Carlito Collection NFTs, everyone now has the opportunity to keep one of Tim Bengel’s NFTs and secure exclusive experiences using the facilities. The Carlito NFT Collection will be released on July 7, 2022 at 11am, simultaneously on Timeless Investments and OpenSea. Cryptocurrency holders can mine their NFTs on OpenSea, and buy a stake in the Carlito NFT pool on the Timeless app.

Timeless app users do not need a crypto wallet or prior technical knowledge to enter the market and participate in the CRO x Timeless NFT Collection. The artworks that an artist from the CRO Artist Collection will receive for the buyer will be revealed in July. This gives every buyer: in the set the opportunity to get a real Tim Bengel.
If you register now, you can get an exclusive starting credit of €10.

You can also access the Discord community here.

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