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Many cultural institutions offer a diverse and creative summer program for children and young adults during the school holidays. Overview with tips and offers from Northern Germany.

When schools and daycares close for the summer, kids are usually happier than parents. But the wide view from the north offers activities, history and fascinating. There will be, for example, a Lego-building competition in Hamburg, experiments with seeds and textiles at a historical excavation camp in Lower Saxony, digital hands-on activities at a museum in Schleswig-Holstein and excursions in Kunsthalle Bremen.

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Hamburg: BallinStadt with Lego until August 26

who – which In the summer months, the BallinStadt Hamburg Immigration Museum presents the exhibition “Lisa and Mad’s Wonderful Journey Through Space and Time” for LEGO fans. Together with your fellow building blocks of the “Stein Hanse” Society, you will embark on an exciting journey through history: from historic Hamburg to ancient Rome, to the pharaohs and pyramids, to the USA of today and into the world of the future. Over 500,000 colored building blocks have been processed.

60 large models can be seen on the exhibition area of ​​​​400 square meters. Kids can marvel at the Hamburg landmark, Michel, or the Statue of Liberty in New York. The exhibition is accompanied by an adventure walk for children, which, according to the organizers, aims to combine dazzling creative influences with educational aha moments. In this way, visitors to the exhibition repeatedly encounter such historical figures as Julius Caesar.

15 Years BallinStadt-Museum: Weekend at the beginning of July, competition building until July 17

On the first weekend of July, there’s also a big BallinStadt festival to celebrate the hotel’s 15th anniversary. At the same time, a big weekend of Lego games is taking place. There is also one until July 17 A construction competition where all participants can freely release their creativity and bring their own creations into the race. For the sake of fairness, winners will be chosen in four different age categories. At the end of the summer holidays, there is also a festival on August 14 in cooperation with Hamburger Sparkasse, where many different rides are presented. A rubber castle will also be created.

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House 1 of the Immigration Museum Ballenstadt © Henning Cordes / NDR Photo: Henning Cordes

A face is given to emigration at the BallinStadt Museum Hamburg Emigration. external

Lower Saxony: varied “summer fun” from July 14 to August 28 in Wolfsburg

There is also a lot happening at Autostadt Wolfsburg during the summer: from July 14 to August 28, children and young adults with their families are invited to take part in the “summer fun”. The focus is on creative activities and educational offerings on the themes of mobility, digitalization and sustainability. Children and young adults, for example, can make their own model cars at Mobiversum’s workstations, make seed balls or experiment with digital textile design.

There are free shows for a fee, for example a cross-city rally that can be booked daily. In this type of smartphone search, participants immerse themselves in a funny story. According to the creators, what is needed above all is speed of thought, humor and creativity: it is about helping a couple in 1969 get to a festival on time.

Lower Saxony: Terrain Walk and Grassland Tour at the Varusschlacht . Museum

The Varusschlacht Kalkriese Museum traditionally offers a varied program for families in the summer. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 2pm. There are family tours during the current tour Special exhibition “Pompeii – greatness and death under the volcano”, which can be seen until November 6. The off-road rally and guided tour with Laetitia are well-established elements of the family’s summer programme. She takes guests to the museum garden and they can tell all kinds of stories from the time of the Battle of Pharos.


Artists dressed in Roman legion costumes

On Pentecost, visitors to Kalkriese are taken to the times of ancient martial arts and crafts. more

The Weed Tour, which is featured on the show every fourth Saturday, is relatively new. Behind this is a tour through the museum garden, where participants go in search of the land of Ivy, Gersh & Co. Because these are herbs that the Germans already knew and knew how to use. According to the ad, visitors will learn something about identifying, identifying, and using herbs. At the end, a “herb snack” is served, which shows what you can do with “weeds” from the garden. The highlight of all would-be archaeologists is certainly the hands-on program at the excavation camp, which takes place in the summer months.

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Exterior view of the Kalkriese Museum in Osnabrücker Land © VARUSSCHLACHT in Osnabrücker Land Photo: Karl Johaentges

For nearly 30 years, excavations at Kalkriese have provided new insights into the battles between Romans and Germans. external

Lower Saxony: Art Design at the art fair in Emden from July 18 to 29

Kunsthalle Emden also offers specials for children aged six to twelve during the Lower Saxony holidays. From July 18 to 29, kids can participate in the Holiday Workshop every Tuesday to Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. They visit the gallery first and then paint and design their own art in the studios.

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The entrance to the Kunsthalle in Emden.  © NDR Photo: Oliver Gresieker

In the past 30 years, Kunsthalle Emden has progressed to become a “cultural beacon” on the North Sea. external

Schleswig-Holstein: Museum of West Coast Art in Alkersum with digital displays

The West Coast Art Museum has a lot on their website The sharing programme, which can also be used by children who did not accidentally take a vacation in Föhr this summer. Among other things, there is a radio play on the website that tells the story of two school children, Inoue and Neil. The two were forgotten during a class trip to the West Coast Museum of Art and had a thrilling night amidst many paintings and photographs. There are also regular workshops and hands-on online activities.

Various workshops for local children and youth are also offered throughout the summer. In the ‘Technical Investigators on the Go’ series, participants take a closer look at the work of Max Lieberman, for example. The goal of the workshop is to solve the exciting puzzles in the gallery and finally design your own treasure map in the art workshop. There are also interesting performances for families who want to spend time together in the museum: in the “I see something you do not see” workshop, children blindfold their parents and describe to them what they see in the picture. Then they should trace the image based on the descriptions before exchanging it. Registration is required for workshops.

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The exhibition’s changing program thematically relates to the sea and coast along the North Sea. external

Get creative at Kunsthalle Bremen

Kunsthalle Bremen is also creative: on a children’s Sunday, for example, you can go on an excursion through the gallery – after which you can create your own artwork in the studio. There are also two summer vacation sessions, each lasting a week and held in the morning. Here too, kids can be inspired by wandering the art gallery and then experimenting with acrylics, watercolors, ink, pencil, oil pastels and various mixed media.

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Book cover: Our Summer by the Lake / Jockley or How I Had a Little Donkey on My Cheek and Couldn't Get It Off / Summer Thieves © Thienemann Esslinger / Magellan Verlag / Carlsen Verlag

In some federal states, extended vacations are imminent. Katharina Mahrenholtz offers three summer books for children ages ten and up. more

Kunsthalle spokeswoman Jasmine Meiken shows pictures of body hair © picture alliance / dpa |  Sina Schuldt Photo: Sina Schuldt

Experimenting with new forms of communication and motivating people to visit museums is on Kunsthalle Bremen’s agenda. more

A woman standing in front of an interactive screen.  © Niklas Mark Heinecke

Participation has become one of the most important topics in the museum world. The drop in visitors is just one reason for that. more

Woman looking at a statue.  © dpa Photo: Friso Gentsch

An exhibition on the ancient city on the Gulf of Naples opened at the Museum of the Battle of the Pharos in Calcary on Sunday. Photo Gallery

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