20 Years of Neuhardenberg: BAP About the Only Remaining Original Member Wolfgang Niedecken Plays in a Castle Garden

According to the cliché, the Rhineland lifestyle is characterized by cheerfulness and a certain form of frivolity. The Rhinelander’s happy formula is also known outside the core region: Et is still jut jejange. Cologne-born Wolfgang Niedken dropped the penalty right at the start of Saturday night’s BAP gala at Neuhardenberg Castle – with a view of the weather gods and a view of the nuisance of Corona. The average drummer was hit at the presentation, and now Karsten “Back Line” of the BAP crew is sitting drums for it.

To say that up front, the weather gods and Karsten both did a good job. And so the Cologne way of life again turned into a reality, here also in Brandenburg, which was a far cry from Cologne as it is now since the eighties, when BAP became at times the most successful band of the old Federal Republic. And that with rock music in the Rhenish dialect, which was not actually understood in the rest of the country. However, many people had difficulty translating the lyrics at the time, and so the Frisians, Bavarians, and East Germans understood that the special term Cologne group presented catchy rock with serious lyrics.

“Long ago Vervapor”

The band around singer, guitarist and chief creative officer Wolfgang Niedecken has increased in popularity with every album they’ve released since 1979. They’ve managed to reach millions of non-Rhenish listeners with a Cologne accent, or rather though, because songs like “Kristallnaach” or “Verdamp lang her” did not need a translation to understand it. BAP (derived from Bapp, the Colonial word for “father”) quickly gained respect as sophisticated musicians who saw no contrast between cheery rock and earnest lyrics. Why not combine sweaty rock ‘n’ roll, Rolling Stones style with lyrics that transcend love and instincts? In 1986, former consultant Willie Brand reviewed BAP LP “Ahl Mann, aaglatt” in “Stern” and said, “Enlightenment needs artists as penetrating as BAP.”

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Willy Brandt has long passed and Wolfgang Niedken has been doing very poorly in recent years. In 2011 he had a stroke from which he thankfully recovered. Anyway, the 71-year-old hasn’t noticed the health hit since that time on stage. He sings his songs with a healthy dose of aging splendor and sounds very relaxed like a man who no longer has to snatch anything from life. Perhaps also because the only original BAP member has a bunch of musicians around him who are his best mates and possibly his friends. A total of eight men and one woman on stage, three of them alone constituted the Wind Division. It’s like a big rock ‘n’ roll band.

And so she rocks and rolls in the evening for three hours, which perfectly matches the title of the current album, “Everything Flows.” They play some songs from the record, which they can only perform now on tour because of corona, but also all the big hits they’re really not missing out on. Also includes “Alexandra, nit nur do” or “Arsch huh, Zäng ussenander”, the song against the right, which also moved away from sending a clear political message and also sang against rearmament in the 1980s, does not comment explicitly on the war-like events of those times in this Evening. However, everyone feels that this guy has a deep and reasonable realistic view of what is out there. It is worth living life.

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