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At the end of July, RTL2 will show “Caro and Daniel’s Dream Wedding”. Here you’ll find all the information about the date, which is on TV and broadcast as well as spouses Carolina Noeding and Daniel Peukmann.

end of July ready RTL2 The show’s pure romance: “Colin 50667” stars Carolina Nodding and Danielle Buckman exchange vows in Mallorca. The former Miss Germany and the professional firefighter met while filming the Cologne reality soap and have been inseparable since.

Now the two want to perpetuate their love – and no less than the popular holiday island of Mallorca. Carolina and Daniel don’t want to keep their happiness in love a secret, so they let it RTL2Viewers participated in the wedding of their dreams.

Want to know more about Carolina Nodding and Danielle Buckman’s wedding? What is the exact date? Where is it sent? Television and stream instead? Here we have summarized all the important information about a dream wedding for you.

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When did Caro and Daniel say yes on TV? The date of “Caro and Daniel’s dream wedding”

The two stars of “Cologne 50667” promise eternal love in front of the camera. The show will take place on Thursday, July 28, 2022. Viewers can follow the wedding ceremony on free TV.

From 19.05 onwards RTL2 “Cologne 50667 Live – From Soap to the Altar”. Here the channel shows how the love affair between Carolina and Danielle began. The two are not only a couple in real life, but also in the form of reality “Cologne 50667”. In the roles of “Jule” and “Marc” they have been part of the permanent cast of “Köln 50667” for more than six years. Before the actual wedding there RTL2 Exclusive insights into the beginnings of their love. When and how did the two realize they belong together not only in soap but also in real life?

“Cologne 50667 LIVE – Karo and Daniel’s Dream Wedding” follows 8:15pm prime time RTL2. Will the wedding be as romantic as their love story in reality soap? The location of the wedding on the island of Mallorca provides at least a good prerequisite for this.

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Here is a brief overview of the broadcast dates of shows related to Carolina and Daniel’s dream wedding:

  • Thursday, 07/28/22, 7:05 pm: Cologne 50667 LIVE – From the soap to the altar”, RTL2
  • Thursday, 07/28/22, 8:15 p.m.: “Cologne 50667 Live Stream – Tuesday dream wedding by Caro & Daniel”, RTL2

Moderator Alexandra Bechtel and moderator Eric Schroth together lead the wedding program in Mallorca.

Where is Karo and Daniel’s “dream wedding”? Broadcast on TV and Stream

The couple actors are actually soap RTL2 You must know and love. At first, Carolina Nodding and Danielle Buckman were just a couple in front of the camera. But then I caught the two behind the camera. Since then, the former Miss Germany and professional firefighter are inseparable and now they want to celebrate their dream wedding in Mallorca with all their fans.

That broadcast on free TV in the broadcaster RTL2 So it’s no surprise. There you can watch “Caro and Daniel’s Dream Wedding” at 8:15 PM. How did the relationship between the two originate from the shows? RTL2 From 7.05 pm in the show “Cologne 50667 Live – From Soap to the Altar”.

If you prefer to watch “Dream Wedding of Caro & Daniel” online, you can watch the live broadcast from RTL + to use. For this, however, the paid subscription from RTL + Necessary, it is available for 4.99 euros per month and can be canceled at any time.

Carolina Nodding and Danielle Buckman celebrate their dream wedding in Mallorca

Carolina has not only made a name for herself in the past with her reality soap “Köln 50667”. In 2013, the native Hanover was crowned Miss Germany. In addition to her regular work as an actress, she is also active as a German pop singer. In 2019, she released her first single called Inselkind. Since she often performs her songs in Mallorca, the island is of special significance to her.

35-year-old Daniel Buckman from Schwerte is originally a trained paramedic and firefighter. In 2016, Daniel finally moved in front of the camera. Since then, he has also worked as a paramedic in RTL2– Offer “Cologne 50667”. There he also met Carolina, whom he finally fell in love with in real life and now takes her to a wife.

The two actors are happy to celebrate their wedding on the picturesque island of Mallorca. In addition to her love, there is also plenty of sea, beach, palm trees and sunny weather on offer there. In an interview with RTL2 “I am the child of the island,” Carolina says. “For me, the bond and connection with Mallorca is very strong.” For Daniel too, there couldn’t be any better place to get married.

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