Creating NFTs – Despite the Bear Market?

NFT Launch: The Non-Foldable Token (NFT) market is fully saturated. So you need a good strategy if you want to beat the competition, explains Maxim Petrok, CEO and founder of WeSoftYou.

NFT Launch: Tell a Story with Your Project

People often launch NFTs without building a brand around them and then wonder why there is no market for the group. The reason for this is simple: there is no story behind NFTs.

So if you have an idea for an NFT project, you must first determine the usefulness of the project. The following questions can help you:

  1. What sets the group apart from the competition?
  2. What makes the project unique?
  3. What are the benefits of the NFT group for the customer?
  4. What is behind the project?

Successful NFT group creators can answer these questions right away. Because behind the successful NFTs there is a compelling story that makes the project something special.

Looking for a project team

There is no set formula for creating a team for your NFT project. However, the most important thing when putting together a team is the distribution of responsibilities and not the size of the team. It still makes sense to have the following experts on the team:


If you are looking for a creator for your collection, you must be sure that the artist can bring your ideas to life in a more meaningful way than you ever imagined. Also consider whether the artist’s style fits the project’s vision.

CTO and developer

When choosing a developer, you should consider not only previous experience with similar projects, but also whether the developer has a serious interest in the project.

BizDev مدير Manager

The BizDeV Director sets a strategy for company development, manages the promotion of the NFT Group and helps build the community.

Marketing Specialist

Building a strong NFT community and hype around the project is the mission of the marketing department. This includes public relations specialists, SMM managers, content writers, and other experts.

Project manager

The project manager takes care of the organizational matters of the project and monitors adherence to the schedule of the various departments.

It is important for each team member to have a clear understanding of his or her area of ​​responsibility. If everyone understands their own tasks, then there is no need to expand the team.

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Purchasing an art object gives the buyer exclusive access to a certain group of people. The more hype and interest your project generates, the more valuable it will be. So before launching NFT, you should interact with the community beforehand.

Here are some tips for building a community:

  • make one Twitter profile and Discord server for the project. These two social networks are best suited for building an NFT community. In addition to that, you can also use Telegram, Reddit, and TikTok.
  • I am looking for you Support influencers with cryptocurrency and other public figures. For example, the CryptoCossacks Club created 50 NFTs and then awarded them NFTs to celebrities such as Elon Musk and Angelina Jolie.
  • Take small steps and start from the beginning User comments a. Take the notes to heart and don’t be afraid to change the concept of your group.
  • Interact with your regularly social communication And always stay in touch with the members. Post new content, including advertisements, on social media to keep the community interested in the project.
  • Host Pre-sale and giveaways. Because most users are happy to accept free gifts.

Another thing: the path of each project is unique. Therefore, the recipe for success is to understand the value of the project and the interests of the community.

Note the technical side of the NFT launch

When your NFT kit is ready to launch, there are two additional things to consider: AOn which blockchain should the NFT group be based and where you want to sell the NFTs.

The choice of the NFT market depends on the specific blockchain. For example, if the digital assets are based on Ethereum technology, you cannot sell the assets on the Binance NFT market. Because every blockchain has different token standards.

The most popular block chains for launching NFT blocks include:

Popular NFT markets include:

After you have chosen the blockchain and the NFT market, the only thing left is to set up the smart contracts. Also, do not forget to create a website for the project.

Tips for dealing with the technical aspects of the project

  • Choose a widespread technology with a large number of developers and users. At the very beginning of the development of your project, it does not make sense to use complex techniques.
  • Develop the system to be flexible to changes. You will likely set up the backend, smart contracts, and website a few times before launching.
  • Get used to planning the technical part of the project. However, in the beginning, it is better to plan only two steps in advance rather than ten. Early optimization is harmful in most cases and increases project complexity.
  • Ask uncomfortable questions about the product. For example, how will the system respond to atypical cases?
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NFT launch: Web3

NFT projects will become an integral part of the global Web3 concept in the coming period. This is due to the increasing desire of people to acquire unique ownership rights to virtual assets.

Given the large number of NFT projects in the crypto market, it seems at first glance that the industry is already well developed. However, in reality, we are still at the beginning of growth. This gives the creators of NFT Groups the opportunity to be a part of the new Web3 era right from the start.

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