10 Factors of a Happy Relationship That Are Often Underrated

Love is the cornerstone of a relationship. True, but love alone cannot erase all differences and guarantee a long and happy relationship. Small things often make a big difference. These ten underestimated factors contribute greatly to the achievement of the partnership.

There are many couples who have been together for several decades. How do they do it? What is her secret? There is probably no waterproofing recipe for success, but there are key features. It’s important to you To focus on the good things in the relationship. Because we generally tend to focus on the negative.

Example: You get to rate your performance at work which is great, there is one small thing you can improve. What do you remember the most? Right, negative. Of course, you should also take the comment seriously, but not without showing all the positives as well. We do the same in our relationships. We often take goodness and beauty for grantedWhile we focus on the annoying little things – and maybe even create problems where there aren’t any.

Love: 10 Underrated Factors for a Happy Relationship

It: Worn clothes are left lying around instead of in the laundry basket, dishes pile up or exposed again to the whims of the other person – and it bothers you. Right about that! Of course, things like this can be heartbreaking You can also brawl. the important is , So don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Little obstacles should not grab our full attention. Because then we forget to appreciate what’s really going well. Working to solve problems makes it possible to improve a long-term relationship. But it is no less important than yourself To think about the positive aspects of your connection. So don’t underestimate these 10 factors that make up a healthy relationship.

1. You can be yourself

Both parties accept each other as they are and do not pretend. You are not trying to change each other. The real identity Being able to show off without worrying about being judged by the other person is a key cornerstone.

2. Lots of similarities

A relationship can be more satisfying for both spouses Shares core beliefs or valuesShe has a lot in common. Similarities are often disguised or disguised as opposites. For example, if you spend hours arguing with your significant other about which rock band is the best of all time and you don’t agree, you have one thing in common: a passion for music.

3. You are the best of friends

in a happy relationship Platonic love also plays a major role: Intimacy, affection, emotional support and Maintain a strong bond You benefit greatly from the friendship within the relationship.

4. Proximity and luxury

It’s not always easy to open up to someone. But in a happy relationship you feel comfortable and Dare to be vulnerable. Sharing feelings, relying on one another, and emotional intimacy is a wonderful byproduct of trust — and it creates closeness.

5. He: Makes you a better person

No, it doesn’t mean that your partner wants or should change you, improve you, or even control you. Instead, it is about the supportHe: She is with you on your back and helps you with your back Self development. As you grow and develop as a person, your relationship will grow, too.

6. Team

People in a happy relationship show respect for each other, Mastering challenges together – They act in a team. Everyone has to stay true to themselves and maintain their own identity, but in a relationship it also plays a role. Shared identity as a unit Role. Even the choice of words is insightful: Studies show that frequent use of the word ‘we’ creates a strong sense of it. Cognitive proximity for the couple.

7. Power sharing

In a loving bond, decision making, power and influence are often shared in the relationship. When both people have an opinion, relationships are stronger It may last longer. Couples are also happier when they feel that the division of labor in their relationship is fair.

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8. Absolute confidence

Being able to count on the person we’re with is everything and the end of a relationship. In a happy relationship, we know that our peer is always The best on our minds He has and will be there for us when we need him. For a change, this does not result in a vicious circle, but rather a positive one (angelic circle?): Confidence encourages greater commitment, which in turn leads to greater confidence.

9. Your partner is good by nature

Warmth, reliability, fairness, friendliness, intelligence, trustworthiness – it is because of these qualities that we fell in love with our better half. No wonder these qualities are not only virtuous, but Form the basis of a flexible relationship.

10. No serious problems

Small quarrels and quarrels are part of every partnership. However, a happy relationship depends on No serious problems Like cheating, disrespect or jealousy. There is nothing you cannot get rid of.

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