Hot Summer Days: This Is How Much Kids Really Should Drink When It’s Hot

hot summer days
This is how much kids should really drink when it’s hot

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Drinking is the best and final thing on hot days and our bodies cannot get enough water. So we must make sure that we cover enough liters per day. You can find out how much you and your kids should drink here!

Babies in their first months of life who are breastfed or bottle-fed, should not be given any other drinks, whether on hot days or not. However, to quench their thirst, it is good if they drink more than usual from the breast or from the bottle.

You can tell if the baby has drunk enough fluids by looking at the diapers: 5 to 6 nappies should be wet a day. But the behavior also becomes apparent in that he is screaming and no longer appears awake – an indication that he may not have been drunk enough.

Playing in the heat means drinking more water

Especially when young children play in the heat, their bodies lose a lot of fluid through sweating. Drinking is probably the first thing they forget. So make sure that children drink enough and, above all, regularly.

The German Dietetic Association recommends certain amounts of water depending on age.

  • Children aged one to three years should drink about 820 milliliters per day.
  • from four to six years: 940 milliliters,
  • From seven to nine years: 970 milliliters,
  • from 10 to 12 years about 1170 milliliters,
  • 13 to 14 years old 1330 milliliters and
  • From 15 to 19 years about 1530 milliliters.

However, these values ​​are only guidelines and it is generally true that on particularly hot days or during sports and games, you can drink more water.

Above all, water-based snacks like cucumber or watermelon are not only especially refreshing on days like these, but they’re also rich in fluids – kids will love them.

How do you know if a child is not drinking enough? Especially the lack of a motor. Irritability or lack of motivation, even in interesting and enjoyable activities, is often the cause. In addition, headache or dizziness may occur. Urine also says a lot: a dark yellow color means that there is clearly not enough fluid in the body. The lighter the urine, the better.

From two to three liters of water for adults

But the same goes for all parents: do not forget to drink! Especially on hot days, it depends on what you’re doing – exercise naturally causes you to lose more fluid than when you’re cool. The rule of thumb is to drink about 2 to 3 liters per day. However, you can count on feeling thirsty – the body automatically regulates the amount of fluid it needs at the moment.

Suitable water temperature on hot days

Above all, temperature is more important. On a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than a very cold drink, preferably with ice cubes. But experts advise against this. With an iced drink, the body tries to compensate for the difference in body temperature. This means that we sweat more – and therefore lose more fluids again.

The best drink is neither too cold nor too warm. This way the body is cooled down without any circulatory problems in the end.

Water, tea or coffee?

Water is the best. Not just any water – Bottled water, which contains at least 200 milligrams of sodium and 50 milligrams of magnesium, is best for quenching thirst, because sweating loses salt, sodium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Tap water is fairly low in minerals. But herbal and fruit teas are also useful for the desired supply of moisture.

Alcohol is absolutely prohibited. It puts a strain on the blood circulation by only promoting mineral loss. But if you can not do without a cocktail, then you should make sure that you drink enough water anyway – more than that.

Just like alcohol, coffee or black tea is a drink that increases sweating. So don’t forget to drink a big glass of water!


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