Which children’s programs are there today?: This happens with “Tiere bis unters Dach”, “Triple Trouble – Anger Hoch Drei” and “Die Schlümpfe”

Looking for kids tips for Tuesday? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Whether it’s a bedtime story, a youth series, or a youth movie: here you’ll find an overview of really worthwhile TV shows. his job!

With today’s tips for kids from news.de you are well informed today, whether it’s a youth movie, a bedtime story or a family series: we’ve picked for you once again six great children’s programs from the TV show, so that you can see only the best this Tuesday. Great actors and actresses like Ivy Latimer, Valentina Bonalana, Jean-Loup Horwitz and Pola Król are waiting for you. Find the children’s program that you should not miss today with TV recommendations from news.de.

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Animated series: “The Smurfs” with Jean-Loup Horowitz and Anna Ramad (10:00 a.m. on KiKa)

Clumsy Hero: Clumsy falls into the clutches of Gargamel. If he tells him about the way to the village of Smurfs, then Gargamel promises Clumsy an amulet that can turn him into a hero. Clumsy refuses. But then Clumsy can free himself and escape with the amulet. What he doesn’t know is that the Gargamel amulet is a tracking device. This is how Clumsy inadvertently leads Gargamel to Smurf Village. Now Clumsy must gather all his courage and save the Smurfs. Where’s Papa Smurf?: Clever to prevent Papa Smurf from getting upset while mixing dangerous elixirs.

This animated series by William Reno stars Jean-Loup Horowitz as Papa Smurf, Anna Ramadh as Smurfette, Emmanuel Courtel as Gargamel, Antoine Chomsky as Brainy, Marc Arnaud as Hefty, Kaycie Chase as Jokey, He promised 55 minutes of entertainment.

Youth Film: “Triple Trouble” with Paula Kroll and Jakob Januta Pezowski (12:05pm at KiKa)

When a famous painting disappears from the National Museum in Pozna, Poland, Jolka and her boyfriend Ulic (13 years old) decide to investigate: they have to find the painting and the real thief, because Jolka’s aunt is unjustly imprisoned. Then Failaka (12 years old) joined them. She also wants to know the truth. But Olek loves the cool girl more than she loves Gelka. A story of jealousy and trust intertwined with a criminal case.

This youth film was written by Marta Karowska with Paula Kroll as Julka Strazakowska, Jakob Januta-Bezowski as Olek, Mia Gotwala as Vilka Ceran, Mia Guti as Vilka, Joanna Szczypkowska as Professor Maria Strazakoska and Marta Malikoska as Caja Ceran. .

Family Series: “Animals Under the Roof” with Julie Marilyn Shock and Moritz Knapp (1:40 p.m. at KiKa)

The children’s father and Nelly, Jobst Lauer of Bremen, is always up for a surprise: this time he comes to the Black Forest with four huskies and organizes hot summer sledge races to impress his daughter. No wonder something goes wrong and they need a vet’s help when Philip is not available. Not everything else is going smoothly at Grishaber-Hof. Powell and Jesse have secrets and Nellie must get really angry to make her friends see why.

This family series by Berno Corten with Julie Marilyn Schock as Nellie Speicher, Moritz Knapp as Paul Kolka, Tapia Hough as Paulina Kolka, Florian Daniel as Annette Hansen, Heiko Deutschmann as Dr. Philip Hansen and Sanne Schnapp as Josefine Grieshaber are 30 minutes of entertainment.

Animated series: “Petronella Apfelmus” with Valentina Punalana and Ranga Punalana (6:35 PM KiKa time)

Selfie with Heckenschrat: Malina and Lea happen to be photographing Schrat Dornwald in the garden. Petronella urgently needs to delete the mobile photo before Malina reveals the secret of the park. That’s not all: the grumpy Dornwald gets his hands on the cellphone and is excited about the thing taking such funny pictures of him. He doesn’t want to give it up anymore. So Petronella and her friends need magic solutions again.

Valentina Bonalana as Leah, Rania Bonalana as Petronella, and Ben Haddad as Louis promise 12 minutes of entertainment in this animated series from Emily Remetz.

Bedtime Story: “Our Sandman” (6:50 p.m. at KiKa)

Pondorondo: Pondorondo wants cherry picking: The cherry is ripe and before Pondorondo can pick it, a cheeky bird starts picking it away. The bird cannot and will not be afraid. There must be magic. The magic ray hits the tree, grows his arms and pinches Pondorondo’s ear with it, Alma also receives a slap behind the ears. Quickly casts a second spell. But even this does not mean that the bird has magically gone, no, suddenly the whole tree is filled with black birds that scream loudly and peck the cherries.

This story is before bed kika It takes 10 minutes.

Youth Series: “Mako – Simply Mermaid” with Ivy Latimer and Lucy Fry (8:10pm on KiKa)

Zach really managed to get a trident with Cam’s help. He just doesn’t know how to use it. He desperately tries to activate it, but nothing happens. He then secretly searches Rita’s Grotto for evidence of the Trident’s operation and encounters mermaids. When you try to grab a Trident from him, there is an unfortunate accident.

Ivy Latimer as Nixie, Lucy Fry as Lily, Amy Ravel as Serena, Chay Romeroen as Zack, Dominic Deutscher as Cam and Gemma Forsyth as Evie promise 50 minutes of entertainment in this youth series from Grant Brown.

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