DGAP-News: coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA: coinIX blockchain investor participates in peaq funding round, a Web3 network for the Internet of Things

DGAP News: coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA

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coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA: Blockchain investor coinIX participates in peaq funding round, the Web3 network of the Internet of Things

06.07.2022 / 10:03

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Hamburg, 06 July 2022 – The investment company coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA, which specializes in investing in digital assets and blockchain technology, invests in peaq. Hello It is a blockchain-based Web3 network that is driving the Economy of Things (EoT).

In the Internet of Things, machines, vehicles, and devices exchange information. They communicate with each other to make our lives easier. In the economy of things, machines must also be able to deal with other machines. For example, an autonomous car will be able to pay the parking fee or charge the fee independently.

peaq provides a platform to develop decentralized applications (dApps) for vehicles, robots and machines to be managed and own on the web 3. dApp creators and dApp users will be able to control and monetize the devices. The peaq network uses a DeFi (Decentralized Financial Services) machine and machine NFTs, which identify machine identities, to encode and trade claims on payment streams.

peaq is based on its own Layer 1 blockchain, which is compatible with the Polkadot ecosystem. This gives peaq access to other block chains and the fluidity of all connected protocols. So you can easily access the peaq network from the blockchain and invest in NFTs for machines. The investment is made through a contract for the delivery of PEAQ future tokens (SAFT – Simple Agreement for Future Token). This token is used to pay transaction costs, execute contracts on the blockchain (smart contracts) and create machine NFTs.

Till Wendler, co-founder of Peaq: “Partnering with coinIX underpins innovative peaq technology with years of experience in the tech industry. Peaq’s mission focus is on people and developing a machine economy in which people can own, use and control machines without third party interference. Together with coinIX, we will create the core infrastructure and fundamental to the economy of things.”

Susan Fromm, CEO of coinIX: “The Internet of Things has grown at a rapid pace in recent years. Almost everyone has it now Clever appliances in the home. peaq allows further development towards economy of things. Peaq uses blockchain technology to create security, transparency, and trust and to help create a whole new economic world. “

Press contact: Susan Fromm, CEO, sf@coinix.capital, +494035676758

Investor Relations: Felix Kreikel, Chief Financial Officer, fk@coinix.capital, +494035676758

About coinIX GmbH & Co KGaA

coinIX GmbH & Co KGaA, headquartered in Hamburg, is a listed investment company that has been investing in a wide range of blockchain innovations since 2017. This includes the next level of digitization in traditional industries as well as new areas such as decentralized finance (DeFi) or NFT/National projects. Metaverse. coinIX invests in equity startups, early token projects, and liquid cryptocurrencies. It offers a share that is traded over the counter on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange (WKN: A2LQ1G | ISIN: DE000A2LQ1G5 | Trading symbol: CXC).


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