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Alexander Soluk finds the whole thing about the kiss somewhat exaggerated in his comment. Because something is being hidden and suppressed.

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It’s loud, sometimes very sticky, sometimes very dry, and loses it most of the time anyway; On the basis of all the available facts, one cannot help but strongly condemn him. However, the kiss is also known as squirrel or Borussia Dortmund. But these examples clearly show that what everyone somehow finds good without discussion is actually worth the utmost distrust. Nothing can be true, something is kept secret and suppressed.

But a man is never so honest as in the deepest part of his emotional world. Who among us has not been swept away by a flood of disgust, shame and disgust at the sight of a couple kissing in the pedestrian zone? Of course no one talks about it (except in the gloss of an ironically obscured radio); But many feel it, the bitterness of this illustrative act of public kissing. “Ah,” kissers say to us, “by the way, we champs kiss here, and what are you doing in the meantime, losers in the love market? You all have worse things to do than kissing, right?” Nobody kisses you, eh? Well, not everyone can be as agreeable as us, and now goodbye, I kiss you!”

Alleged affection for the kiss

But the kiss is not just a pathetic show art, the kiss is also an instrument of power. Strangely enough, all the young hunters of poisonous behavior in the universities had yet to notice this. Just a tad more gentle than an unfortunate fist at least, crosses the kiss, “Look, I’m kissing someone here, and that person is mine, and therefore they can’t claim otherwise, I’ll shut their mouth with this kiss.” Kissing, holding hands, marrying: all the rituals of romance dictate that loving someone means having them.

But what, then, are we trying to suppress with our alleged affection for kissing? As is often the case, it’s a shame of origin. Science has not yet fully explained why people kiss at all. But there is a lot to be said for the assumption by some researchers that our ancestors used to sniff each other’s intimate areas (as we can still observe with dogs today) when they felt these feelings, but the straight walk soon entered in which is why they put off trying gentleness to the top. The kiss does not testify to our love, but only to our laziness. Because it shouldn’t be like that, we’re making a big fuss about it.

Too much kiss not enough love

In fact, the kiss does not play a major role in our feelings, in the literal sense of the word: can you remember any impressive kiss in world literature? Even the most read and intelligent scholar of literature, the great Peter von Matt, cannot think much. His study on this subject is called: “Seven Kisses.” No more. Yet literature is the spectacle of love, of that terribly beautiful omnipotence that makes us all reeling, to which even the most ruthless writers have to succumb in the end without a chance.

Quite unintentionally, Leif Rant ended his last novel “Allegro Pastel” with these three words: “I love you.” …and just as the reader inadvertently bursts into tears upon reading these three words–yet comfortably wrapped in the sobering comfort of modern city romance. “I love you”. There is too much kissing and not enough love in this world.

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