News from Indonesia: July 2022

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News from Indonesia: July 2022

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Finally, there are positive changes to report regarding entry to Indonesia: Traveling to and from the island country is once again easy and uncomplicated. If you’re not currently planning a vacation in the archipelago, there are a number of ways to experience a piece of Indonesia in Germany: The Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt, along with social organization Merpati eV, are inviting people to three days. Festival with a varied program in September. Until then, we’ll send you dancing to the beach area that not only makes surfers’ hearts beat faster.

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Existing Entry Regulations – No More Tests and Health Insurance for Covid-19 Necessary

Vacationers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can again easily enter. Upon arrival in Indonesia, tourists receive a visa on arrival, which costs 500,000 IDR (about 30 euros) and allows a 30-day stay in the country. For travelers who have been fully vaccinated (at least two doses, the second dose must be received at least 14 days before departure), the quarantine obligation does not apply in Indonesia. Proof of a negative corona test is no longer required for entry and vacationers can move freely in Indonesia and book a hotel of their choice.

Those who have not been fully vaccinated must complete a five-day quarantine in isolation wards (hotel) designated by the Indonesian government at their own expense. The PCR test for a fee is carried out on the fourth day of quarantine. Quarantine requirements for accompanying parents/caregivers apply to minors entering the country.

Before entering Indonesia, vacationers must download the application Peduli Lindongi Installed on the smartphone and registered there. It is not necessary to upload vaccinations or test certificates in the application. To be on the safe side, it should be carried in paper form and in English.

An additional facility to enter into force recently came into effect: from now on, it is no longer necessary to have health insurance for Covid-19.

Current information about entry can be found on the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and on the website of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Indonesia Festival in Frankfurt: 16-18 September 2022

who – which Indonesian Consulate General Frankfurt And the Merpati eV I invite you to the Indonesia Festival Frankfurt (IFF) for the first time. The aim is to promote the development of Indonesia’s economy, trade and tourism as well as introduce the cultural, artistic and culinary aspect of Indonesia. Another reason to celebrate in 2022 is the 70th anniversary of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Germany.

During the three days of the festival at the Titus Forum in the Northwest Center in Frankfurt, guests can expect a varied and informative program: performances of Indonesian dances and music groups from different regions, famous shadow plays and Pencak Silat (traditional Indonesian martial arts). Handicrafts such as batik or silver and bronze jewelry and agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa and rubber are also available. Discussion forums and lectures address topics such as sustainability, the environment and democratic tolerance. More information and ticket sales (3-day ticket €12) at

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Mandalika – Beach and Nature Paradise in Lombok

Mandalika belongs to West Nusa Tenggara Province and is a beach and natural paradise on Lombok Island. Tourists have noticed only beautiful beaches and unusual rock structures since the beginning of 2019, and since then the nature reserve has become very popular among vacationers in Indonesia. So if you are looking for beautiful beaches, unusual nature and very special photo decorations, Mandalika will get your money’s worth in many places:

hill Merris Hill Bukit Merese is easy to climb with sturdy shoes and provides great photo opportunities. A sunrise or sunset excursion is highly recommended.

Another notable rocky spot is Goa Cuttack. The name means “square cave” and like the picture frame, this provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying the surrounding scenery or taking pictures.

Various beaches guarantee to provide magical attraction and endless private holiday experiences: Tanjung An Beachwith its crescent-shaped coastline, is an insider tip in Lombok and rarely visited. Seeger BeachOne of the most beautiful beaches in South Lombok, it has everything a holiday heart could want. Serving Beach It is a somewhat unknown hidden beach with a great view. It is very well known and popular Jerobuk beach, Particularly suitable as a surfing site and suitable for both beginners and experts.

For those interested in culture, these shows End Village Authentic ways to immerse yourself in the Sasak culture of Lombok.

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Dances in Indonesia: mystical, religious and full of cultural pride

Who hasn’t seen them, whether alive, in movies or in pictures – Indonesian dancers with their elegant colorful costumes and elaborately polished faces? In Indonesia, these dances are considered much more than a folkloric show. For example, a distinction is made between show dances, sacrificial dances or cultural dances. The most famous (and most performed) dances include the monkey dance “Kecak”, the “Legong” or the “Barong” dance, in which even spectators can fall into a trance.

subordinate kecak It is usually rendered very ambiguously in low light. The shades of about 50 to 100 dancers play an important role as are their movements, which are not accompanied by external music but only by their own singing. The Bali dance tells the story of Prince Rama, who freed Cinta from his great love from the clutches of the Demon King with the help of the monkey army.

subordinate ligong With colorful costumes and make-up faces, it is the first thing that comes to mind of many people when they think of Indonesian dances. It is accompanied by music, usually accompanied by a larger orchestra. What is eye candy for onlookers is hard work for all involved.

In the Barong Masked characters also move to the music of the orchestra. Symbolizing the struggle between good and evil, the Barong (representative of goodness) is usually represented as a four-legged creature by dancers wearing elaborate costumes and masks.

Dance culture is so important and popular with Indonesians that almost every village has its own dance troupe and it is practiced and trained with pride and dedication from an early age.

Did you know…

… that water is called air in Bahasa Indonesia, and therefore it is the same English word for air. It is recommended to drink plenty of air, especially in high temperatures. Iced tea (Es teh) is also available for those who prefer a little flavor, but this is usually made with a lot of sugar. Coconut water (Kelapa Muda) is more natural and not too sweet, which can also be bought cheaply at street stalls.

Über Indonesien:
Die Republik Indonesien ist der größte Inselstaat der Welt mit mehr als 17.000 tropischen Inseln, die mit weißen Sandstränden gesäumt sind. Zu den bekanntesten Inseln gehören Bali, Java, Kalimantan (vormals Borneo), Papua, Sulawesi (früher Celebes), Sumatra und die Molukken Inseln (besser bekannt als die Gewürzinseln Molukken). Die Destination bietet diverse Kulturen, wunderschöne Strände und Ökotourismus mit grünen Regenwäldern für Trekkingtouren, blaue unberührte Gewässer zum Tauchen und Schwimmen sowie herzliche und gastfreundliche Menschen, die sich freuen die deutschen Touristen willkommen zu heißen.

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