The Asian tiger mosquito spreads again in Germany

  • Asian tiger mosquito It is considered “the most dangerous animal in the world”
  • Insect spreads too Germany It transmits diseases
  • State office of health Gives tips: This is how you deal against them breeding areas Before
  • Help and suspect Mosquito report

It is the main carrier of danger dengue fever And she got her title from one of the richest men in the world: Matt Asian tiger mosquito Its size is only about ten millimeters, but it can spread dangerous viruses from its bites. Technology pioneer Bill Gates described the insect as “the most dangerous animal in the world”. Now mosquitoes are also common in Germany.

The Asian tiger mosquito: an insect that breeds in southern Germany

It has now been nearly 14 years since the tiger mosquito was first seen in Germany. At that time, the animal was discovered on a The rest of the highway stops Close to Weil am Rhein. Since then he has always been diving more population Tiger mosquitoes, also in Southern Germany, on me. It is already widespread in southern Europe.

In addition to dengue, mosquitoes can also transmit chikungunya and Zika viruses. So far, these have hardly appeared in Germany, but they have access to them travel return Infected importers abroad. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), this is German climate Not suitable for the spread of tiger mosquito and tropical viruses, because temperatures are not high enough even in summer. So Greece, Italy and southern France are most vulnerable.

who – which Berlin State Office of Health However it warns and gives tips on how to protect yourself from small insect bites. In addition to long, thick clothing, nets and of course the classic defense insect spray is also useful. Often serves insects Water as fertile land, for example in watering cans, rain barrels, birdbaths, buckets and drainage ditches, but also in vases and plant pots. Therefore, it should be dried or covered well.

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But there is also animal helpers: Dragonflies and beetles, often found in garden ponds, eat mosquito larvae, for example. Frogs, salamanders, and newts also feed on adult insects.

The tiger mosquito appeared in Berlin – warns the health senator

Berliners Senator for Health Ulric Gott He asserted in a statement issued in April 2022: “I take the discoveries of the Asian tiger mosquito in Berlin very seriously. My department and the State Office for Health and Social Affairs have introduced measures (…) to protect against possible infectious diseases. The media campaign for the prevention and control of the tiger mosquito An important step, and I call on all those affected to take action seriously, thus helping to curb the spread of the tiger mosquito.”

total demand mosquito About 750,000 people live every year, making it the deadliest animal on the planet, like the gate Posted. It is assumed that the tiger mosquito came in the form of stealthily to Europe and began to breed there. However, disease transmission in Germany remains low.

Climate change contributes to the spread of insects

subordinate Climate change However, the terms of the framework can be changed in Germany. If temperatures continue to rise, the aforementioned diseases can spread further. And another problem: according to the Bavarian State Office of Health and Food Safety, the Asian tiger mosquito is called Container Breeder.

To do this, they stick their eggs – 40 to 90 per egg, about 300 in total – above the surface of the water. The larvae hatch as soon as they come into contact with the rising water level. The eggs are very impervious to dehydration, and can hatch for several months larvae hatching.

The Bavarian State Office emphasizes that successful control and control largely depend on population cooperation Instructions: By identifying and reporting this obvious mosquito and local treatment of potential breeding sites. Suspicious mosquitoes can be sent to the citizen science project “Mosquito Atlas” for accurate identification.

Destroy mosquito larvae early

The Municipal working group to combat mosquito plague (KABS) is also planning Across Helicopter missions Distribution of biological agent BTI to eliminate tiger mosquito larvae early. However, the chances of eventual eradication of the insects are not so great, as is the case with Doreen Werner, a biologist at the Leibniz Agricultural Landscape Research Center, in tz explained: “We may no longer be able to eradicate the Asian tiger mosquito, the Asian bush mosquito, and Aedes koreicus, also known as the Korean bush mosquito in Germany.”

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