This dog breed matches your zodiac sign

Dogs are man’s best friend. So it’s no wonder thousands of people think about getting their four-legged friend every day. But with this decision, many more questions arise: what should we call it? Do I have enough time for it? And what breed should it be? However, your zodiac sign can help you with the last question! After all, that says a lot about our personality. Which dog yours and yours asterisk Fits, you can find out here.

All about “Dog & Zodiac”:

Dogs and Zodiac Signs: This Is Why Astrology Can Help You

Each zodiac sign has certain characteristics. And that’s exactly what dogs have, too! The specific characteristics of four-legged friends make them something special. But not every dog ​​will suit you and your lifestyle. Therefore, before getting a dog, it is important to think carefully about the traits that your best friend should possess. Should it be energetic, dominant, or likable and introverted?

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Just like humans, dogs are defined by the nature of their breed. And to enable a harmonious life between you and your future dog, It should complement and support you and your strengths in your character. So if you are having a hard time deciding on a breed, here is a little list that tells you which dog might match your zodiac sign.

Aries: Golden Retrievers

As an Aries, you are an adventurous person who also needs work and He wants to explore the history of the world with his four-legged friend. What better dog for this than the famous golden retriever? This breed is known to be lively and always cheerful.

They love to have fun, love to move and are deeply attached to their people. Through it Outgoing nature and her love for nature They are the perfect companion for people with the zodiac sign Aries.

The Golden Retriever is a great match for the sign of the zodiac picture: IMAGO / Addictive Stock

Taurus: Saint Bernard

People born under the sign of Taurus are protective, kind and loyal people. Also, they are sometimes slow And they’re also happy when they can lie under a blanket on cold days – just like St. Bernards. The great protective instincts of these animals will be in harmony with your own, as well as their loyalty and eternal love.

dog zodiac sign
Saint Bernards love to be outside, but they also love being indoors and keeping their hands upright. picture: 61

Twins: Jack Russell Terriers

Gemini cannot sit still. They love to be on the move, party, explore the world and have adventures in general. Work is their first priority. As a bundle of energy, you also need a dog that has that feeling at its core. So the Jack Russell Terrier is perfect for you.

These dogs are real bouncy balls You always want to be played with, have something to do and put their owner in a good mood. Many people find the Jack Russell Terrier to be quite stressful, but Gemini people can really get away with these dogs.

Jack Russell
The Jack Russell Terrier fits this zodiac sign well. picture: 61

Cancer: French Bulldog

Solid core soft shell – This applies not only to you as a Cancer, but also to your beloved French Bulldog. They still have a reputation for being aggressive, as they were bred in England as hounds. All the French Bulldog wants is a warm place and a cuddle, that they can capture in emotional depths. The perfect dog for sensitive Cancers.

French Bulldog
French Bulldogs have a bad reputation for being loyal dogs. picture: 61

Leo: German Shepherd

Lion born leaders. They love to be the center of attention and are always able to inspire others with their self-confident and courageous nature. You have a lot of energy to help you pursue and achieve your goals. All these qualities can also be demonstrated by a sheepdog. He is a very loyal soul and a strong companion. Together you are an unbeatable team.

German shepherd
German Shepherds are very loyal companions who will give you a lot of love. picture: IMAGO / Westend61 via canva

Virgo: Havanese

Virgo is always described as very perfect. They just want everything to go according to plan so that they and those around them can have a good time. In addition to this perfection, there are people with this zodiac sign Very curious, conscientious and reliable. And all this also applies to the Havanese.

Lap dogs are notoriously untrainable and unfit. This is not the case at all with the Havanese. In terms of thought, it can be compared to the very smart Border Collie. They want to please their mistress and master, learn quickly and still be the perfect companion for the family. As a virgin, you will enjoy true joy in these treasures.

dog zodiac sign
The Havanese is the perfect Virgo dog. picture: Dorottya_Mathe / Getty Images Pro via canva

Libra: poodle

As a Libra, you have a special sense of beauty and aesthetics. After all, the planet Libra is Venus. You take great care of yourself and expect the same from your peer. This is why you need a dog that you can really spoil. The dog that symbolizes elegance and luxury is the poodle. Above all, king poodles are noble animals that attract attention with their proud walk.

Poodles can be as balanced as a Libra. picture: IMAGO / Westend61 via canva

Scorpio: Dalmatian

People born under the sign of Scorpio are mysterious. You are definitely a deep person who faces his environment with sensitivity and never misses a thing. You can be calm, but being irritable isn’t uncommon to you either. That’s why a Dalmatian suits you perfectly. Just like you, he is versatile and sociable. When you breed this dog breed, they really thrive.

woman with dalmatian
The dogs and zodiacs work great. This is also shown by the Dalmatian with Scorpio. picture: 61

Sagittarius: Beagle

as a bow you Active person who hates imprisonment. You want to see the world, always looking for new adventures. Just like you, Beagles have a strong desire for freedom and adventure. With them you can discover the world together and the nature of travel. As he is willing to learn, it also reflects your intelligent personality trait.

As a dog, the beagle goes very well with the sign of the zodiac. picture: 61

Aquarius: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Aquarius has a mind of its own and is totally eccentric. You maintain your independence and independence, but you don’t get along well with boundaries. It is possible that you quickly feel restricted and seem unacceptable, but in reality you are a very social and helpful person.

So a dog like the Rhodesian Ridgeback would suit you well. This breed is intelligent and confident, so they need a strong hand. This dog is not necessarily suitable for beginners!

dog zodiac sign
Ridgeback is not for beginners! picture: 61

whale: labrador

As a Pisces, you are one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. You are a dreamer, you love to lose yourself in your wishful thinking. To support you in your complex emotions, you need a dog who will hold you and be loyal to you. Labradors are very empathetic dogs that can tell if something is wrong. They can pull you out of an emotional state with their cheerful nature and distract you by playing together. So it’s a perfect match!

Labradors are a great match for the sensitive and emotional Pisces. picture: 61

Zodiac signs can help you choose the dog of your dreams

There are so many dog ​​breeds in this world and it is easy to lose track of them. As with a lot of things, we can Start searching here with ourselves. Because what says about you as a person more than your zodiac sign and the personality traits associated with it?

However, be aware that there can be different characteristics within the breed. Like people, dogs are individual. So listen to your heart when choosing your dog, get to know the little one and then bring them fully into your life.

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