Love Storm: Sabine Werner talks about her new role

News of the current series in the GALA tape: “Storm of Love”: Sabine Werner talks about her role +++ “In All Friendship – Young Doctors”: Wolfgang planning a second wedding +++ “Red Roses”: Will Bernd destroying Nessie’s happiness in love ?

News of the series in the tape GALA

July 8, 2022

‘Love Storm’: Sabine Werner promises some ‘surprises’ with character Helen Richter

Storm of Love viewers can welcome a new character: Sabine Werner now slips into the skin of Helene Richter, mother of Max (Stefan Hartmann, 32) and Gerry (Johannes Huth, 33). In a video posted on Instagram, the actress introduces herself and reveals what fans can expect from her. “Sometimes life is full of surprises. Anyway, at the beginning of the year I never would have dreamed that I would suddenly be on the set of ‘Love Storm’.” “Everything is new” for the actress – and Helen must be the same.

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The actress describes her character as “suddenly leaving her home, leaving her job, looking for a new apartment and moving to Bichelheim for her sons”. Helen herself is open to life’s surprises, but above all she wants to protect her son Jerry from life’s surprises. “Helen’s job is to learn to let go.” Viewers can now accompany them on this path.

7 July 2022

“In all friendship – young doctors”: Wolfang wants to marry again, but his wife fears the worst

Viewers of “In All Friendship – Young Doctors” can soon look forward to a particularly pleasant event – if nothing has gone wrong beforehand: Wolfgang Berger (Horst Günter Marx, 66) wants to marry his wife Hannah Berger (Mike Polo, 58) a second time . While he’s fully busy preparing for this big surprise, Hannah suspects something completely different: since her husband has been acting weird lately, she’s afraid he’s cheating on her again…

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Filled with anxiety, she goes to Johannes Tal’s clinic and lets her grief go to sisters Rebecca Krieger (Melina Straub, 30) and Dr. Julia Berger (Mirca Pegula, 37). What you don’t know: The two are privy to Wolfgang’s plans, but they don’t want to spoil Hana’s surprise either. They do their best to calm their mother (move), but they don’t know how to do it without betraying Wolfgang. The next few episodes will show whether Hannah’s suspicions will frustrate her husband’s cherished plans.

6 July 2022

“Red Roses”: Bernd threatens Nessie to leave Felix

The “Red Rose” character Nessie (Lucy Hellenbrecht, 23) in Seventh Heaven: After much hesitation and uncertainty about Finn (Lucas Bauer, 27), she finally threw her fears into the sea and kissed him. When he returns the kiss, everything seems perfect – at least for a moment. Because Finn still doesn’t know that Nessie is a transgender woman. Both decided not to tell their parents about their love yet, but then it turned out to be completely different: Finn Bernd’s father (Tim Ulrich Stonberg, 49) sees the kissing and is not at all excited about it.

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While Nessie’s mother Sandra (Theresa Hopschen, 51) is happy that her daughter has found an amazing boyfriend, Bernd can’t accept that his son is dating a trans woman. He urges Nessie to tell Finn her gender identity – or else he will. Sandra is appalled by Bernd’s situation and now has doubts about her relationship with him. Will Bernd not only destroy Nessie with his intolerance, but also his happiness in love? The next few episodes will show how Nessie will handle the pressure and what that means for her love of Finn.

4 July 2022

Der Bergdoktor: Will Martin Gruber fall in love with this new role?

The 16th season of “Der Bergdoktor” is in full swing: as actor Hans Sigl, 52, and his colleague Mark Keller, 57, revealed on Instagram, two episodes of the popular ARD production have already been filmed. Fans are very excited about the new season, after the final season ended with a lot of pain for the doctor: Anne Mayerling (Ines Lutz, 39) has not only turned her back on the Gruberhof, but also in the future with Martin. All that remains is a suicide note and an engagement ring.

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But with season 16, the tide could turn for a depressed Martin, after all, two new characters have been added: Felix Kreutzer, 29, and Maxine Kazis, 33. The latter in particular had fans ringing in their ears, as she could — that’s hoping she’ll become The new woman is next to Martin. However, fans will only find out if she will become his really big new love from January 2023, when new episodes of “Der Bergdoktor” will air on ZDF and the media library.

‘Love Storm’: Werner suddenly collapses

“Sturm der Liebe”-Urgestein Werner (Dirk Galuba, 80) muss sich vielleicht bald schon von seinem Sohn Robert (Lorenzo Patané, 45) verabschieden: Der wollte eigentlich Lia (Deborah Müller, 40) – zumürtenüreding”F without success. Since he’s already planning to leave, Werner is betting everything on the Spring Festival and hopes he can convince the couple to stay there. But everything looks different: at the press conference to announce the festival, Werner suddenly collapses.

This accident also affects Lia and Robert: Robert is very worried about his father, who survived the accident but will need a pacemaker in the future. He hopes for Leah’s support, but she makes it clear to Robert that the incident hasn’t changed her mind about returning to “Fürstenhof” – which really offends Robert. He later admitted to his father that Leah’s behavior disappointed him greatly. The following episodes will explain how the two of Werner will continue.

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